Friday, June 26, 2009

Fishing Trip Gone Red

For a late Father's Day my hubby and I went fishing!

We took an inflatable 5 person raft to a large pond, we weren't able to take our beautiful Bayliner this time :(

It was a wonderful pond, look how pretty and peaceful it is.


See all the fluffy white cotton floating on the water top?
It was very annoying. It blew into our food, eyes, name it.
It sure was pretty though.

Like a fairytale. Just he and I floating alone.

There I am with my fabulous pink fishing pole! I just dyed my hair before the trip, it's much brighter than I intended.
What do you think? I know, but it'll fade quickly.


My pink fishing pole brings the fish to the pond..
Do you love my Lovely fishing pole?


I have to say something here.
Aren't all these hooks overkill? I mean, do we really want to mangle the fish we catch?
Isn't one hook enough?!


I look like a lobster!

<--See how sad I am? I have never had burnt knees, till now.

Every inch of me is burned, well aside from my torso and thighs...

I've been lying in bed trying not to move. OUCH

Lying in beds hurts too!


Seems like I bump into everything in the house now. My kids keep touching my burns...

:( Whoa is me! I need to go back to bed and lie there till the pain subsides.

Lesson Learned: Wear sunscreen!

But there is a massive yard sale tomorrow that I can't miss! This is insanity, but I must go. There are going to be 60ish sales in one neighborhood!



Peace Lobster (10 notecards)



  1. Looks like tha fabulous day - aside from the burn. Take care of yourself!

  2. SUNCREAM!!!!!! Ok so you had a wonderful day, but you need to protect yourself!! Hope it's calmed down a bit - what are you like?!

  3. OMG. That's a bad sunburn. Get some aloe for it. Put a lot on before you go to bed.

  4. your skin matches your Both will fade worries. I love a good yard sale! Have fun....try some Vitamin E. It's sooths and has aloe.

  5. I keep 100% aloe gel (from a health food store) in the frig; especially for burns. Cold aloe feels soooooooooooooooooooo good!

  6. great pics of the water. unfortunately it also reflects lots of sunlight-hope your not as red today :)

  7. I just did my hair the same colour as yours I love it both super bright and once it fades down.

    I feel your pain in the sunburn department. Slather yourself with a vitamin e aloe lotion as much as possible and try to immerse yourself in a lukewarm verging on cool bath. I've been burned so many times and severly that I rarely go out with out spf 50.

  8. You look just adorable with your pink fishing pole! Did you catch anything? In all honesty, I think your hair looks really awesome. But that's coming from someone whose hair has been every color of the rainbow in the past, so I'm definitely not a subtle type of girl. Sorry about the sunburn, I hate that for you. They make aloe with Novocain to numb the pain, perhaps you should invest in some of that to ease the sting.

  9. Very nice blog. Really enjoyable and interesting article.

  10. I don't like boats or fishing. Water just isn't my thing. Your hair will fade, I've had that happen too. Now I just buy the same color every time, to old to change it every couple of months. LOL Nice sun burn! OUCH!! I've managed to avoid sunburns the last couple of years, mostly by staying out of the sun. Do you have an aloe plant? Works really well on burns.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love the red hair...I am awarding you The Uber Amazing Blog Award...check out my blog.

  12. What fun - except for the whole lobster thingy. And the cottony stuff up yer nose thingy. Did y'all really have fun? Did you catch any fishies?

    I LOVE the red hair! It's bold and fearless!

  13. Omg, that sunburn. Ouch! I had mine once as bad but I totally deserved that because you see, I went for a suntan and was.. over tanned. lol.

    Btw, cool hair color!


  14. I am a redhead so I say more power to ya; however, redheads burn very easily :-). I also love red and my fishing pole is red.

  15. I love your pink fishing rod thats awesome. My boyfriend got me a purple reel but i really want a pink one too!

  16. I'm not one for fishing, but if I was, I would want a pink fishing pole just like yours! Burnt knees are the worst! Hope you're feeling better.