Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Power Colon Cleanse

A person on freecycle was giving away a free bottle of Power Colon Cleanse, I wanted it!
Did I get it? No.. I thought I had responded right after this popped up, but apparently someone was faster.

This person told me that I can get a free sample bottle off the website, I just have to pay for the shipping. (Yay!) That's how he discovered this product.

I just ordered my sample today. I can't wait!

It says it's a one month supply. Shipping is $5.95, but if you try to leave the website a lady will pop up offering a $2.00 discount on shipping..

So my Free sample (one month supply) only cost me $3.95!

I can't find a price on the website to tell me what a bottle of this cleanse would normally cost.

This freecycler needed to lose 30 lbs and did it through this product. He said he had to order a couple more bottles because the sample wasn't enough to lose 30 lbs.

He lost 15 pounds that month.

I asked him how it worked for him and that was all the information he gave me. :(
I was hoping to hear if he had changed his eating habits or exercised...
I'm going to email him again. I hope I don't annoy him, but I'm very curious...

Are you interested in hearing the details on how he lost the weight?

Have You tried Power Colon Cleanse? Or any colon cleanse, for that matter..?

If so, I'd love to hear how it worked out for you.

Hahaha!-How funny is that testimony!? --->>
(A bit scary too)


  1. I have read some hilarious/disgusting things about colon cleanses. Somehow, ordinary people just start chatting about the activities of their bowels.

    Are you really going to try it? I can't wait to hear!

  2. Yep, Alex-I'm very frigtened... But I'm going to be brave. I already ordered my sample :)
    I will definitely post about it as it goes.

  3. I'm assuming you read thru the fine print. but be really careful. I had a friend who ordered something similar where she only had to pay shipping and there was stuff in the fine print. It ended up her info was given to other companies and memberships were being charged to her credit card!

    Good luck though! hope it works :)

  4. Man, Freecycle drives me UP THE WALL sometimes!!! I think some people sit on Freecycle all day and grab the good stuff before everyone else.

  5. wow sounds interesting, i wanna try ir !

  6. Wow. I'm uber curious to see how it goes for you. I have never done anything like that before. I'll be reading to find out.

  7. I'm sort of scared of that kind of stuff, but boy I stand to lose 15lbs! Good luck!

  8. I don't want to be the "king has no clothes one" kind of guy, but you must realize it is either just a laxative or extreeme high fiber drink. My mother was a hypocondriac and loved to talk about her bowels to anyone who would listen. That said, I'm now interrested to read how it affects you. Not in the " I can't wait to try it" sense, but rather " Ewwww, I knew that would happen and it DID!" sense. Like a tabloid you don't wantt o buy but find yourself reading in the checkout.

  9. I'd be too scared!!! A slow process but I'll stick to healthy food and long walks, lol! I'll be very interested to see how it goes, good luck :0)

  10. wow i think i'd be to scared to try this. you'd need to be locked in the bathroom for a week lol
    15lbs in a month is really not healthy tho its recommended that you only lose 1 or 2lbs a week

  11. OMG...they have photos online too of what you can expect to see..how gross. One of my friends showed me this last year. I am curious how it works for you tho. I certainly am always looking for a quick fix.

  12. I ordered it a month ago and It's still not here! Fine print!!! they now charged my credit card $85.90. can't get ahold of anyone to cancel it!!! Good luck

  13. Stay near to a restroom and always carry an extra set of clothes. Just in case. Happy BMs!

  14. I wonder if he was actually a marketer in disguise?

  15. I was just wondering the same thing after reading all this, Andrea... If he doesn't answer my email then it's probably safe to say that he is a fraud.
    I hope not though!

  16. wow it does sounds super interesting. I can't wait to see what you think of it

  17. Even if it works, all they're advertising is a laxative! What a scam! You can get a magnesium solution for like a buck at the local grocery or pharmacy!

    And sure, I've used laxatives. They'll make you lose weight really quick..2 to five pounds, depending on your personal intestines...until you eat again. Understand, if you're clearing food out of your system before you're system's ready to let it go,you're going to start depriving yourself of nutrients. And you will be not only hungry, but literally starving, if you do it regularly, as your body goes into panic-it's-famine mode! Remember, laxatives are a medical tool-- you wouldn't drink Nyquil as part of a weight loss plan, right?
    Eat sensibly, drink water, you'll have much better luck.:) And run away from anyone offering to change your body faster than it wants to change.

  18. They ARE scammers they will charge you, I had to cancel my credit card because they charged me twice

  19. This is a huge scam. The guy on freecycle was a scammer too - he is an affiliate of a CPA network and gets paid $40 for each sign-up for the "free trial". You should report this scam to the FTC - file a complaint at www.ftc.gov

    There are many complaints online about these scammers, see:

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  22. Don't touch any of these offers, they take your details and take money from your account on a regular basis,approx £51.00 a month.I've had to cancel my card and hoping this stops them but for some people this hasn't worked...DON'T DO IT.

  23. Did the power colon cleanse work for you?

  24. have ordered this and wanna know if this has worked for anyone yet

  25. OMG. I did this is April - May this year. I ordered the power cleanse and the Acai berry (different company) None of them worked for my body.

    I was so excited about the "free trial only pay for shipping" so I went ahead and ordered some.

    I have send SO MANY emails to cancel my account, and then they send me nothing back.

    I Assumed my account was cancelled. Sooon after my credit card was deducted that price AND another shipment. So I had less 200 dollars (american, not aussie) deducted from my card.

  26. Since I am in Aus, I have to ring at 6 in the morning to get onto them. All they said is they would reply in 48 hours. This went on for MONTHS!

    Every email they have sent, is from a different email address, no one has replied to me twice from the same account.

    Since then I have not recieved any money back.

    And I enquired about it today replying to every email they send me and EVERY single email was sent back to me. (they no longer have these emails)

    This company is a scam. I want to spread the word.

    It's hard. And I am disgusted in what they do.

    Loose weight by hard work! Exercise, eat healthy and have a positive mind.

    There's no miracle cure for cellulite! No miracle cure for being fat!

    I have lost 26 kilos by eating healthy and living happily, exercise is brilliant.

    I would not live my life any other way!

    Please do not support these scammers. Please put the hard work and effort into your body that you and your boy deserve!

  27. spread the word, they deserve no one elses money!


  28. Scam, scam, scam...I was charged full price for PowerClense before I even got the trial product. They promised me they would return my money but of course they didn't (many different e-mail addresses)--that was months ago. Wish I had read some blogs before ordering!!!

  29. wow it does sounds super interesting. I can't wait to see what you think of it.

    Acai Berry

  30. Oh dear, another one falls victim! Hope things are looking up anyway!

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