Monday, June 1, 2009

Dandelions~Lions Tooth

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"A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

"The Home Acre," by E. P. Roe
"To some the dandelion is a weed; but not to me, unless it takes more than its share of space, for I always miss these little earth stars when they are absent. They intensify the sunshine shimmering on the lawn, making one smile involuntarily when seeing them. Moreover, they awaken pleasant memories, for a childhood in which dandelions had no part is a defective experience."

There are many great ways to use dandelions instead of just mowing them down every week. Get creative and find out just what this fascinating flower can do for you!

Dandelion is a common weed that grows widely throughout the northern hemisphere in pastures, meadows and lawns, mostly in temperate climates. The name dandelion means lion’s tooth, and the plant is named for the jagged edges of its leaves that resemble teeth.

Some fun and Dandy activities

*Collect dandelions and make jewelry

*Make paper parachutes to explore how dandelion seeds move through the air.

*Dig up a dandelion and check out it's flower, stem, leaves, and roots.

*Use the flower head as a stamp and make dandelion stamp art.

*Use the flower head to color a bright yellow picture.

*Make yellow dye with the heads, purple dye with the leaves and roots, and brown dye with the stems.

*Grow Your Own Dandelion.

*Press a Dandelion. Use the pressed dandelion in a sun catcher.

Can YOU think of more activities?

I'll post our activities as we complete them, I'd love to see yours as well!

Thanks to some modern herbalists the dandelion's virtues have been well documented. Studies show the dandelion to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The leaves have the highest vitamin A content of all greens. Herbalists say that dandelion root is at the top of the list of excellent foods for the liver because of it's relatively high amounts of choline, which is an important nutrient for the liver. Dandelion leaves are a diuretic, meaning that they help flush excess water from the body. Dandelion flowers are well-endowed with lecithin, a nutrient that has been proven useful in various liver ailments. In addition to dandelion's medicinal use, it is consumed as a nutritious food and beverage.

I found Dandelion Jelly on Etsy!

Of course, right? Etsy does have everything, after all.
I ordered a jar and I just can't wait to try this, it's said to taste similar to honey!
I'll let you know when I receive it. :)

I've been wanting to make my own Dandelion jelly, but there are no safe Dandelions near by. Being in WY, there is much prairie and dirt around... Not a lot of beautiful wild flowers. My MIL has plenty next to her yard, but the soil has been fertilized and its next to a road.. I'm afraid to use these, as they may be harmful from all the chemicals around.

I am considering making my own Dandelion garden on my balcony though.

Apparently it is 'law' here that all weeds should be terminated. This angers me, when did I lose the right to decide what grows in my yard?! If I want bright sunny weeds, so be it! Right? I don't want these in my garden, just my yard...

Who's idea was it that a plain ole green yard was beautiful, anyway?

Give me Color!

What's YOUR Opinion on This Matter?

There's even a Dandelion Festival in Ohio!

After finding this link, I found that there are Dandelion Festivals all over the world-interesting!


Dandelion Syrup

Just make sure they pick them at the middle of the day when they are open and drier.
To make a good supply, you'll need:

~4 ea. Cups of dandelion tops
~1/2 ea. lemon, juiced
~1 quart cold water
~2 lbs. sugar

Place the tops in the water and bring to a slow boil. Let boil half a minute then cool overnight. The next day, strain and push out the excess water. Discard the blooms and save the dandelion water. Mix this water with the lemon and sugar and simmer until most of the water has evaporated. Do not bring to a hard boil.
Let the mixture cool, then simmer again until thick in consistency like maple syrup. This can be poured over flapjacks either warm or cool.


How to Make Dandelion Cookies

How To Make Dandelion Jelly

Dandelion Soup

Dandelion Salad


Check out this blog post by TeddyStartedIt to learn how to make Dandelion infused oil!

Great for a "great home made gift for an exercise buff or an arthritic grandma"


  1. Ok - there are obviously more things to do with a dandelion other than mow and spray them. Though we never sprayed them when the boys were still small.
    Have you ever tried dandelion wine? The Hutterites make it.

  2. I haven't tried, But it seems to be the most popular choice when it comes to consumption. Everyone I've talked to has heard of the wine, but not any other kind of food... I may have to try it some day.

  3. I read somewhere that dandelions aren't native to North America, but were introduced by some immigrants as a food source. You can still buy dandelion seeds in some seed catalogs, although the thought makes the gardener in me shudder.

  4. Wow, you did really write a lot about dandelions! Love the post. My favorite thing to do is just to make floral crowns.

  5. Wow, I never knew you could consume dandelions!! How interesting to learn, I think I have to try and bake the cookies, they sound very intriguing! And, I wanted to post a HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderful May giveaway and I feel so lucky to be the winner, I thank you so much! I will post when the earrings arrive, I know I am going to love them. Have a beautiful day!


  6. Don't we all have great memories of dandelions as kids? I wonder why we don't love them as much -and think of them as weeds - as adults? And dandelion wine is delish!

  7. I can't wait to hear how the Dandelion Jelly tastes. I have never heard of that.

  8. I agree! Let's give Dandelions a break! In addition to being an integral part of summertime childhood fun, dandelions have been used for ages as a topical treatment for muscle aches and joint pain (arthritus). Dandelion infused massage oil is really easy to make. I'll post a recipe on my blog this afternoon. It'd be a fun project to do w/the kiddos.

  9. OK, the recipes & instructions are up on my blog. So get out there! Pick some dandelions and create a great homemade dandelion massage oil!

  10. Holy Dandelions!

    I guess we should be thankful that the car got out of sight of the people we purchased it from before it decided to die!

    Have a great day!