Sunday, May 31, 2009

Upcycle, Recycle, Repurpose...

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I upcycled!

I went to the Salvation Army and found an adorable Tinkerbell bed sheet for $1.00. There were stains all over this pre-loved sheet, so it was useless. (Useless only on a bed)
I butchered the sheet and reincarnated it!
My daughters are now sporting bed sheets :) Doesn't that sound pretty? Haha

They both look darling, I know, they're matching again.. I will never stop trying to dress them like ill fitting twins.. Well, I'll stop when they can make me :)~
Really, only the bodice is upcycled.. I had the polka dot material on hand from Easter, yay!
I just feel over joyed when I find extra fabric just waiting to be used.

Lilly's dress is made up of two tiers, Extra fluff and twirl. Notice the buttons don't match? They're not even the same size, haha. Kid's clothing is so fun, I love to mix it up. There's not really a standard like there are for adults. I mean, would you wear a top if the buttons didn't match?

Shay and her Auntie. Sorry for the not so great photo!
Shay's dress has a blue skirt and a pink ruffle, it's a little more simple than Lilly's, but she's so little I can get away with it.

I now have extra Tinkerbell fabric to use up... What to make? Possibly small purses to go along with these dresses..

Any Ideas???

What have YOU upcycled lately?


  1. These dresses are adorable, and so are the little girlies wearing them! I love it when crafty people breathe new life into old materials.

    I upcycled some comic books from the 1970's. I chopped them up and made them into bookmarks, they turned out pretty cute too! I'll probably list them in my shop eventually.

  2. Way too darn cute!!!

    Some of my baby's (now 21) Little Mermaid sheets are calling me from the closet! What's that you say? You want to line a tote bag for Baby? Hey, there's an idea.

    The outside of the bag will be "normal" but inside she can secretly have her beloved Ariel hiding with all her stuffs.

    Would definitely have to gift it to Baby with a fork for combing her hair.....

  3. The dresses look great!! You did an amazing job. Sisters look cute dresses the same, but I know that for my sister and I - it got old after a while. When you're 11 you don't want to wear the same clothes as your sister who is 6. But maybe that's just us. LOL

  4. haha I totally agree! I'm just living this up while they're too young to care, lol. I remembered thinking it was so cool to look like my sisters twin when we were young (She hated it!) Theres a 3 or 4 year difference between us.

  5. Wow, that is amazing!!!! I can't believe you made two beautiful dresses out of a $1.00 bed sheet and left over fabric...AWESOME!

  6. Great job on saving the sheet:) My kids and I are upcycling the packing material that came in my latest supply order. We're making paper flowers for teachers for the last day of school. Hoping to get it on the blog by Thursday. They're turning out really nice. So excited!

  7. That sounds wonderful Teddy, I can't wait to see them!

  8. I am an upcycle addict..just look at my Etsy shop or my blog. In fact right now I am having my first ever giveaway on my blog. The prize is an upcycled Market Tote Bag that I fasioned from curtain panels I found at a local thrift shop. Check it out...and your dresses are wonderful...good job keeping items out of our landfills ;-)