Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~knighttimedesigns

I saw this shop and fell in love with the leaf necklaces. Each piece is OOAK, created directly from nature, like a finger print.
Any nature lovers dream piece.

These beauties bring old cliches to mind. Like this one, lovers initials carved on the trunk of an Old Oak. Wouldn't it be sweet to carry a piece of that meaningful tree with you, where ever you went. To have a 'finger print' of the tree that you fell in love under..

Or maybe your first nature walk/hike with your love... A precious memory that can be kept close to your heart.
I'm such a hopeless romantic.

What kind of leaf would you love to see imprinted?

Okay, okay..Onto the interview with knighttimedesigns..

About myself, well I'm 29, I was born in the states originally but have moved around a lot, spending the past 10 years living in Ireland, settling in Killarney, Co.Kerry... for now!

I've been creating on way or another all my life always switching media when the next idea comes up. I have degrees in both painting and ceramics and have been making jewellery for 12 years.

In all three of these media I always have the common thread of nature, leaves in particular. In my ceramic work I use leaf imprinting techniques so when I started using PMC ( Fine silver clay) it was a natural transition to try to incorporate these techniques into jewellery.


In terms of a favourite jewellery piece I love making the oak leaves especially. I have little oak trees I have been growing in pots in my garden from acorns, so I feel like I have a small bit of a personal
connection with those pieces...


  1. GREAT leafs are so super great. i love them

  2. These are so beautiful....must remember about these!

  3. great pieces! thanks for sharing!1

  4. That is amazing!!! Seeing as how I'm Canadian - I'd love to see the maple leaf!!

  5. Beautiful necklaces! What a great find.

  6. Lovely items,great pictures and nice presentation as well.

  7. what great jewellery, thanks for sharing this gem of a shop

  8. Absolutely beautiful leaves! I have a fascination with leaves :-)

  9. I luv all your leaves! Beautiful!!


  10. Those are gorgeous! I love oak leaves too :)

  11. Beautiful pieces - and a great interview! Me, I love maple leaves...

  12. Thanks for you great comments everyone, especially those of you who answered my question :)
    She has great pendants!