Friday, May 22, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~SavonShoppe


This is the most delicious soap I've ever laid eyes on. I could not possibly bring myself to use soap this delectable. Could you? No.
This soap would be destined to sit upon my shelf for all to see. Never to be used. This is the kind of artful soap that belongs in a kitchen, begging to be eaten by unsuspecting guests.

May have to place a sign next to eat, "Do NOT eat"
Maybe even a great April Fools Joke...Ideas for next year..hmm

The ice cream soap is my absolute favorite.

What's your favorite?


Once upon a time in a high school creative cooking class a young girl fell in love with decorating cakes and making party foods. She learned that cooking was an “art.“ She started her first business selling decorated cakes to her mom’s co-workers and friends. Time passed and the young girl blossomed into a young woman who tried her hand at many other creative endeavors.

Overtime she found a new love in one such creative endeavor, soap making (but that‘s another story). After many years of making cold process soap her creative spirit grew restless. She began to yearn for new, innovative techniques and products without sacrificing the quality she had grown accustom to appreciate from super fatted cold process bar soaps.

She learned to make “alcohol-free” liquid soap and whipped soaps. They were both exciting. But her creative spirit began to bloom again when she rediscovered hand milling cold process soaps. She had tried it before but didn’t really “get it.” But this time it was different. She discovered the hand milling process allowed her much more creativity.

Then one day while watching a Food Network show, it came, her creative muse, had returned. She pulled out her old cake decorating tips, never one to throw anything away and the rest is history. D’ Alchemy Diva’s creativity talents had come full circle--creative synergy. She had finally found her niche. Now, she watches the Food Network Channel and makes “calorie-free” skin treats that mimic her favorite desserts.

Her creative muse, D’Alchemy Diva, had come home, so now…she sells her *☺Calorie Free Decadence☺* in a lil Etsy Shop on the web.


  1. What a nice post... Those soaps are amazing!

  2. Those are beautiful and yummy. I bet my 4yo would try to eat them.

  3. Too scrumptious to eat!! Great pics too, my mouth is watering!! I bet they smell wonderful...

  4. i have a problem using pretty little soaps.. they always stay in a pretty dish, since i never want to ruin them! oooh.. these ones are too cute too!

  5. YUM! ^_^ those pics are irresistible...

  6. That soap is amazing!! I seem to be addicted to sample soap packs. Love to try all different kinds. Would love this sample pack:

  7. *laughs* Is it wrong that I don't want to rub these on my body, but eat them instead? ;D

    What a fantastic artist -these body products look like 'real' desserts, WOW!:D

    I wonder how they smell in person...mmmm