Thursday, May 28, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~Nocatsallowed


Nocatsallowed has two Yorkies, Zoe and Jo Jo, little sweeties, see their photos?

I want a Yorkie! But my kiddos would break a pooch that small...

She is planning on making sweaters and accessories for kitties as well, so keep checking back at her store if you want your little fur ball to look just as snazzy as your pup or yourself.

I used to have a 3 lb poodle, Toby. I'd dress that little guy up every day. Haha, poor little Man. Yep, he wore dresses, I dress HIM in little pink baby dresses. (I was very young) He'd growl and wriggle to fight for his freedom, but I won!
Later, (I was a bit older and so was he) I bought real puppy clothing for him to keep him warm. He was adorable and didn't seem to mind being dress up as long as it was really meant for doggie and had no frills.

Looking at this wonderful shops makes me ache for puppy of my own..
I'd love to see all little doggies wearing something hip now and then.
"Let it Wag" haha, I love it!


My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was nine years old. I crocheted on and off until college when it became a big hobby of mine. It was a stress reliever and relatively cheap to do (As a college student I was always broke). “No Cats Allowed” started about a year ago when I was taking a knitting class at a local yarn shop with my mother. My mom had seen a dog sweater pattern in the shop and wanted me to make it for her dog. Of course because I was new to knitting, I could not figure out the pattern so I made a crochet version. It turned out great. I made more sweaters for her. When she took her dogs to the vet, she would dress them up in the clothes I made. People would ask my mom where she got the clothes so she suggested that I sell them. I have been creating ever since.

I am inspired when I go to yarn shops. When I see a yarn that I really love, I think about how I can use it and what I want to make out of it. I am also inspired when I see pets with their owners. Usually an owner’s style is reflected on their pet so I make my clothes that way.

A random fact about me is that I can twirl a baton. I was a majorette in high school and sometimes when I’m not crocheting or knitting, I will pick my baton up and try to remember the routines I used to do.


  1. I grew up on a farm and we always had cats in the hay loft and barn. I remember trying to dress them up, no matter how tame they were - it was tough to get doll clothes on them. We have a dog, a big dog. I just don't get why people would dress their pets. Oh well.

  2. Haha Audrey, I'm devoted to cuteness. That's my only excuse for wanting to dress my former dog. My furry dog had a faux fur coat!
    Though, there are also logical reasons, dogs with thin coats might actually need some warmth on cold days.. Then there's halloween. :)
    I think a big dog would be difficult to dress though.

  3. My Petey the Boston Terrier is always a bit chilly. He's almost 12 and has quite a wardrobe! For him it's not a matter of being cutsey - it's for warmth. In the summer he is usually nekkid unless it's time to walk and it's raining.

  4. You should come up with your own award!! Just maybe make the rules really easy. LOL
    Speaking of awards - I did think up my own and had someone design it for me. Would love to give it to you. Here is the link:

  5. Oh so cute. Lovely blog you have.

  6. I love your doggie clothes! Its so cute! OH! I awarded you the lovely blog award! check out my blog to see! congrats!

  7. I used to laugh at people who dressed up their dogs... until I got one! I don't go overboard, mostly just holidays... but it's so hard to find something that will fit an English Bulldog! They are so fat that they need an XXXL even though they are small.