Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~DotDotStitch

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Hand stitching has been around for centuries, and yet it still amazes me. This is an art in which one must have heaps of patience to pull off! I'm all about my machine...
I've always wanted a pair jeans filled with hand stitched designs, completely covered. When I see art like this, it just inspires me to push myself so that maybe one day I will own those jeans.
Then I remember my set back...I've NEVER hand stitched! Thus, no talent in said craft.. Someday I might try it, though :)
With that being said, it's just impressive that someone can stitch in such wonderful detail on so many items without going insane ;)
DotDotStitch has adorable items, I'm showing off most of my favorites, See? I know you do!
Out of all of these fantastic items, I can't really pick just one..
So I will leave it at that. I Love them All!
What about you?

I've crafted my whole life. I started out with crochet, rug hooking, and embroidery - all hand work that I love. I opened my etsy shop (dottyral) in 2006 with a variety of items, some of which were emery pincushions and pincushion rings. Those quickly became my best sellers, so that's what I concentrated on for the next three years.

Recently I've realized that I really missed hand stitching. Though my etsy shop was exclusively pincushions, I added some hand embroidered pendants. They were so fun to make that I then decided to really get back into hand work. I opened up a new shop-Dot Dot Stitch- that now holds my hand embroidered items - towels, aprons and wrist cuffs. More pendants will be coming soon. Some machine embroidered items just might make an appearance too.

Though I've enjoyed designing and creating pincushions, this new turn for me has been a breath of fresh air. Every day now, I just can't wait to get stitching. In a way I've found a new sense of freedom. Who knows what I'll decide to add to this new shop. I'm excited to see what happens.


  1. Lovely beauties! Wonderful finds.

  2. My grandma taught me how to hand stitch when I was little, but haven't done it since. Just not enough patience I guess. This is my favorite from her shop:
    Towel - Hand Embroidered Bleached Cotton Flour Sack - Retro Suitcase with Luggage Tag

  3. What an amazingly nice feature Lilly! Thank you so much!

    Thanks for your kind words Sarta and Audrey!

  4. I just stitched a mermaid on a shirt for my little girl. I find it relaxing.

  5. lovely! i recently became re-obsessed with embroidery, too- it's just so cute and whimsical. i ♥ that porcupine!!

  6. I would love to see you make headbands like those wrist cuffs! VERY CUTE!!!

  7. I agree Jen, some headbands would be fantastic!

  8. wow..very cute! I love your wrist cuffs!

  9. there are so many great tutorials online that i am sure you could learn (or refresh for some of you.) I wish I had more time to devote to embroidery. My [Grand] Mama taught me. I love it.

  10. Love the Eiffel Tower ones!
    Btw, I'm giving you a sweet, little award so if you have the time, check my blog out for the rules to pass it down to other bloggers. ^-^


  11. I so admire anyone with the patience and talent to handstitch! These are lovely! Thanks for sharing!