Saturday, May 16, 2009

$25 Gift Certificate Contest! ~reparapy~

$25 Gift Certificate Contest!
~I won!~

I want to use my spectacular gift certificate on one of these rejuvenating gift sets...
I just can't decide which one.

Which would YOU choose?
Please take a moment at the poll to the right.

You can win too! All you have to do is leave a thoughtful comment on one of the posts. Each day, they will draw a name from that list and that person will receive a $25 gift certificate for Reparapy products.
This contest doesn't end till May 27th, so you have lots of time to get a comment in, try everyday!
Very Easy

~Go to the blog for more details~

Reparapy is a collective of three artisans, each bringing a slightly different talent and perspective to our designs.

Each of us is an alumnus of Architecture School, two of us having gone to the University of Texas and one to the University of Nebraska. It is that intense study of design that differentiates us from other artisans. We look at the world a little differently. We are trained to take another glance, another path, another method, push things a bit further and constantly critique our designs. At Reparapy, we incorporate those strategies into every product that we design.

Rethink. Relearn. Receive. It's the core principal behind our company name and our company goal of taking everyday products and redesigning them to the next level. It's all about 're'.

Our herbal therapy products are constructed, not just sewn together. Our skin care line is infused with essential oils, they don't just smell like them. We only use the highest quality ingredients, oils and fabrics.

Our goal is simple. Recreate products that really, actually DO something. You're definitely going to pay more for our products, but you'll know you're getting your money's worth. You're getting products designed to enhance your mind, your body, and your spirit.


  1. congrats on your win! i don't blame you for not being able to decide what they want. they have some great stuff! gonna go vote in your poll now. :-)

  2. oops, i mean "decide what YOU want" not "they". lol

  3. Congrats!! They have a great shop! I voted. Let us know what you pick!

  4. I can see myself virtually walkin round and round this shop not being able to make a decision...except the one that says "I'll have one of each please"!

  5. These look so neat and I like their message that what you're buying will 'actually' do something for you. Pretty cool!!!