Saturday, May 2, 2009

anjibeane is the original creator of this pattern.

Before the Bad News... This is a wonderful, friendly, helpful seller (Great Prices too)
I did not purchase my sweater from the original seller.
But this was an order gone bad..

I ordered this adorable Sweater Hoodie from someone in January... I received it just a couple of weeks ago, which is horribly upsetting. I was very disappointed in the time it took for this sweater to be made and mailed to me. Now it's warm outside and my little one won't get very much use out of it at all... But it is a very very cute sweater!

It was not really the seller's fault. She sent it to me within the first month and it fit horribly. But she has no one to model it on. So I mailed it back and she fixed it. But it got lost in the mail for a week or two. It was sent back to her instead of me, so I had to wait some more for it to be sent out again. I think we were both frustrated with this, lol. But the seller was great about it all. She even offered me another sweater next fall at a discount (thank you!)

I bought the pattern myself and hope to learn enough about crochet that I will be able to make one for both my girls this fall. I'm practicing daily, and have made lots of hats, baby hair bands with flowers, flower hair clips, and tank tops for my girls.. So maybe! :)

My husband and I got new matching bikes, mine is the pretty pink one, his is green. I'm so thrilled. We got a bike carriage for the girls, they LOVE it! It's so nice being able to go out on rides in the nature trails with our girls.

See Lilly and Shaylynne holding hands? That just melts my heart-sisterly love. I have to enjoy it now, because I know they will fight when they're older..


  1. This little dress is soooooooo adorable!

  2. ....and are the darlings!

  3. That is just too cute!! Love the dress.