Friday, May 8, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~shepherdcreations

We are a husband-and-wife team that are passionate about glass art from the flame. Nature is our best inspiration...
Glasswork became our passion, then we branched into sculptures.

We love nature, so stop by often for different glass animals.

We started out making our own beaded jewelry, but we always had a hard time finding the right colors of beads.

"I'm Patrice, the primary artisan, and my husband Paul built and maintains our studio and also enjoys working with glass. I began my journey into glass via beadwork, starting in seed beads. It is easy to spend hours in a bead store browsing and choosing your favorites, but it is often difficult to find just the right colors or patterns that suit your individuality. This is why I began melting glass: I wanted truly unique beads to use in my own handcrafted jewelry. However, once I began making my own beads, I realized how exciting sculpture and pendants are to make, so our studio was born of a realized passion for hard glass. "

What's your favorite piece?


  1. Where do you find these wonderful shops?
    I love the turtle in the first group of pictures, but they are all amazing.

  2. I love one of the turtles and the seahorse. Audrey, I just get lucky :)

  3. They are all so nice, so hard to choose just one!
    I do love the hummingbird though. ;)

  4. I love these beads! My favorite is the blue frog!

  5. These are so cool!! The sea turtle and blue tree frog have got be my fave...of the two, I think I like the blue tree frog the best. Very cool!!:D

    I've always been amazed by the little details glass artists can fit into larger glass pieces. Would love to see how that's done one day.:)

    Great Feature!!