Monday, May 25, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~JeffGuerrero


This is one of those crafts that I would like to try some day, but probably never will. I know mine would never come out anything like this. My mug would be lopsided and uneven, lol. I just know it.
I really delight in these ceramic mugs, something about the texture and thickness. They remind me of Renaissance Festivals, those people are always walking around with beautiful handmade ceramic mugs. (I have a small one with a frog in it)

If I could afford to fill my cupboards with only ceramics like these.... I'd have to invite company over constantly just to show them off. For now though, I will stick to my dishes, they aren't as fantastic as soda-fired ceramics or stoneware, but I won't mind as much when my kids accidentally break them.

I love all of the ceramics that I'm showing off, but I favor the mugs with the tree carvings.
What's your favorite?


I'm an after-school arts teacher in Pittsburgh, PA. I teach digital arts, focusing on music at the moment, but I do graphic design, video production, photography and ceramics. My biggest claim to fame is that I publish a magazine about cycling called "Urban Velo ".

As far as ceramics goes, I've been at it for less than two years. I started working at an art studio with ceramics facilities, and got hooked. Now I spend quite a bit of time there after work. I focus on functional pottery, and my specialty is items for drinking (cups and mugs).

My inspirations come from various sources. On one hand, I'm exposed to some of the highest level ceramics artistry there is. I've worked alongside 14th generation potters from Shigaraki, not to mention American masters who have been plying their trade since the 60's. On the other hand, I'm inspired by the children we teach. They are usually very complimentary and appreciative, but occasionally dole out some serious constructive criticism. As for decoration, I'm a big fan of Asian decoration, especially ink painting. I attribute that influence to my childhood, as both my mom and grandmother were fans of Asian art and antiques.

I think it's interesting that I've developed this interest in ceramics, being that I've been so immersed in the world of digital arts for so long. Learning to let go of absolute control has definitely expanded my horizons and made me a better artist (and art appreciator).


  1. Ceramics are a weakness for me too. The short, squatty bowls and vases are my favorites.

  2. beautiful craftsmanship from everyone!!!

  3. wow! Beautiful, though I also agree that even though I'd love to try, mine mugs will also be lopsided and weird!


  4. Wow, beautiful work. I'm in love with the tea cups.

  5. So beautiful. I've been collecting vases and bowls (and dishes in general) for as long as I can remember. Those are all just gorgeous :)

  6. My fave would have to be the light blue on the bottom row. I have always thought this is an amazing skill!

  7. Oh, I love handmade dishes and cups and bowls... I also wish I could make these things but know that mine would be funny and lopsided :)

  8. You can never have to many mugs!! I have a ceramic one that I received as a gift from a bus student (her uncle makes them) and I got one from Logan for Mother's day!! They are by far my favorites! This one would look really nice in green:
    Have a great day.

  9. Hello! There's a blog award for you at!!
    - Lindsay

  10. Love the first bamboo one...ceramics can be so tactile can't they...yeah i tried it once...too much hard work!...did go through a phase of making stuff in moulds which was fun...

  11. wonderful work! i absolutely love the tree one. you picked a good one. :)