Friday, May 29, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~kcustomcreations


I was interviewed by One Little Bird!

Please make a pit stop at this lovely blog and check out my first interview.

(How exciting for me)


kcustomcreations has some of the most adorable and original scrap booking pages I've seen yet.
She sells scrap booking supplies, Premade Layouts, Page Kits, Board Books, Altered Items, and cards. Great for crafty memorabilia fanatics! (or moms)

Her Veteran Books would have been a perfect give for Memorial Day (Wish I had featured her sooner!) But really, it'd be a wonderful gift for any veteran on any given day.

I haven't seen a scrapbook made into words like these, as you can tell-I'm totally swooning over these! Yes... I said I'm swooning over scrap books.. Fantastic Scrapbooks.

Out of all the Word Books, the Spring Book is my favorite. The colors and the embellishments are just delightful. It really lures you in like a Scrap booking Siren's Call.

This "12x12 Premade 2 page layout - Under Construction - Girl" is just darling! I only wish I had it for my own scrapbook when my girls were still "under construction" Seriously, How cute is that!? You Love it too! (I can tell)

~Tell me what YOU would love to use in your own scrapbooks~

I'm a stay at home wife that works part time at a local photography studio. I have been married to my best friend for 6 years. About 2 years ago we built our dream home on a lake in southwest Missouri. I have 2 grown stepchildren and hope to become a grandmother in the next year or so. Most of my days are spent in my studio creating a new layout or working on a custom project.

I have always had a creative side, even as a child. I have messed around with floral design, crocheting, and quilting. When I was in the 8th grade I made my first scrapbook. I continued doing a very basic form of scrap booking all through high school and then took about a 10 year break from it. In 1999 a friend reintroduced me to the world of scrapping. Wow, there were so many pretty papers and stickers to choose from and my love affair with scrap booking started all over again. Over the past 10 years my passion has grown into a career and I completely love it.

My inspiration comes from so many different things. My ladybug layout was inspired by a little girls outfit. Some layout designs are inspired by magazine ads, song titles, or even activities that I enjoy. But to be completely honest, I dream about many of my designs and when I wake up, I'll head directly up to my studio and create my dream. Some of my most favorite creations come from my dreams.

One random fact: My family calls me the stalkerazzi when we are on vacation because I have been known to snap at least 1200 pictures on a one week trip.


  1. Fantastic stuff....will be checking them out!

  2. Congrats on your interview!

  3. Oh my Gosh!!! I've stared making cards and know how much work goes into the project. This is my favorite in her shop:

    I noticed that "she" doesn't have a name?

  4. Just saw her name in the banner - was looking at the feature - you know - the important stuff. LOL

  5. Wonderful projects shown here. Just cute!

  6. That was a fun & very interesting read~ I love the cards~ and of course, your blog!

  7. Congrats to you! You are one talented gal!!

  8. Congratulations on your interview - it was great! Thank you for visiting me - and the lady LOVED her bags and cried at her "gift"! I like the thought of the teddy bear - toooooo fun!!!

    :-) robelyn

  9. 1200 photos! you stalkerazzi you! thanks for sharing all your inspirations...