Saturday, February 28, 2009

Etsian Artists featuring knit and crochet

I'm in love with our new hats! 100% cotton= so soft (I think my girls like them too) I'm such a mom,haha, I am always trying to make my girls match. I wonder if they'll hate me for it... oh well! I will have to show these off more later. I ordered matching boots for Shaylynne (The little one)! They have a little flower on the toe, you'll see!
You've got to stop by this artist's store, she's SO affordable and friendly! I believe she is becoming my "Go To" Crochet artist!

"When I was little, I wanted to crochet because both my mother and grandmother crocheted.
I was about 7 when I started crocheting. All I really knew how to do was a chain stitch, and my sisters and I would compete to see who could make the longest chains. I remember them stretching throughout the house, up stairs, down hallways, through rooms..great fun! Then, when I was about 10, I learned how to make granny squares. I'd often end up with granny squares of enormous sizes because that's all I really knew how to do, and my mom let me use all her scrap yarn. :D
Then, in college, I seriously got into it. I picked up a couple of crochet books, and taught myself other things besides grannys. The rest is history. :D
I started selling them halfheartedly shortly after I got married in a little out of the way shop that featured my items, and I sold a couple of things that way. Then, about 6 months ago, I discovered Etsy. Wow! I was "hooked". lol. I love Etsy! It's so great for both buyers and sellers. I haven't discovered any other site that even comes close to being so awesome!
My favorite item to crochet.. That has to be hats. :D I love hats. And it only takes me a couple of hours to complete a piece. That's just perfect for my attention span.I think that's about it. "


"I've always been interested in making things... Whether on paper, or 3-d. I'm an artist and art teacher, and I truly view crochet as "sculpture in yarn".
I was about 7 years old. My grandmother must have been a lot like me, because she was always working on something beautiful in yarn. One day she got tired of me watching over her shoulder and asking questions, so she gave me a hook, and yarn and hours and hours of her precious time, and taught me the basics. I have crocheted on and off all my life. Crochet had taken a back seat for many years... then I picked up hook and yarn again 2 summers ago when I broke my wrist. I thought it would be good physical therapy to keep my hands moving by crocheting. My love of crochet took off from there and flourished into the compulsion it is for me now. Now it seems I never tire of making things in yarn. I even dream of yarn in my sleep.
I started my first shop with crocheted items -- -- a little over a year ago. I was so excited at finding a venue for selling, thus supplementing my massive yarn addiction! My new shop, is an offshoot of CreativeHook. I thought it would be fun... and clearer... to start a crochet shop specializing in all cotton yarns with specifically all summertime items and colors. I'm having great fun with it.
What is your favorite kind of item to crochet? For now it's beach hats. I love making hats, whether for wintertime or summertime.
I am a hard-core perfectionist. I have an excellent eye for design, lines and color, thanks to my college years studying art. I think it helps me in my crochet creations. I feel blessed to have found Etsy. It keeps me creative, busy, and optimistic as I dream of yet more projects yet to come.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Crochet and Knit Etsian Artists!

Yay! I found a place here in Casper, WY~All That Yarn~ who has classes for crocheting! I'm as excited as a child in a candy store! I don't get to start the classes till March 10th though :( I'm so impatient, I want to crochet Now!
The classes begin at 7PM, that's a strange time, don't ya think? I mean, I put my kids to bed at 8PM... I don't like that one bit... But still, I can't wait!
So in the spirit of all that is crochet and knit, here are some awesome artists with beautiful items! (More tomorrow)

"I was first introduced to knitting by my mom and my grandma who were both knitters.
However, it was in the last 2-3 years that I really self-taught myself and fell in love with the art. I poured over books, magazines, the internet and I played around with yarns, patterns, textures. It started as handmade gifts for my family and friends but I found I simply couldn't get enough of it.
Simply said... I love yarn! I love the feel of it and the feeling of accomplishment when I take it and make something both beautiful and useful.
And, I love to knit! I enjoy playing with textures and patterns and creating unique items that are both functional and fun! I wear my scarves and I use my handbags and I am both humbled and honored when others do the same.
KnitzAndFeltzWarm... Comfy... Trendy... Fun... "

"My mom taught me to knit and crochet back in middle school. In high school, in the 1970s, she and I used to make things and sell them at a consignment gift shop in a local town. She was knitting the Christmas stockings and selling them, even then. I remember that I sold lots of crocheted belts in the 70s.
I love to crochet granny squares and make afghans. I knit more than crochet at the present. I love to knit fingerless gloves. Those are one of my current favorites. I've been knitting felted purses recently, but they are usually sold quickly at my school (I'm and Elementary School Library Teacher). I'll list felted purses in my shop if I ever get any made ahead.
I often crochet a flower to add to knitted hats. My school knitting club knits baby hats, baby afghans, baby booties, and regular sized afghans and hats to donate to charity. We have lots of fun learning to knit and seeing our finished items. The students are in grades 4-5 at my school.
Although I have sold items on consignment and in craft shows for many years (since the 1970s), I opened my crafts shop here on etsy in 2006. Just recently opend my vintage shop. My daughter has a shop also on etsy, and talked me into it."

Don't Drop Your Prices! Write A Story! By Windchime

Yay, we found a great Park!
I've lived in TN for a loonng time, and there are amazing parks there! I always wanted to take my kids to them...
Then I moved to Wy... I hate WY. They don't even know what a real park is. :(
But then we found this one! It's a smaller version of a similar park we had in H'ville.
You can't imagine how exciting this is for me! I hate WY like 4% less, now :)
There's my Lilly on her horsey. She said "My bumbum's cold!" and hopped off the horse as quick as she could. haha
It was like 50 degrees that day.
And the photo of half my face? Well, that's what happens when you take your own photos!

"Don't Drop Your Prices! Write A Story!"

This is great advice written by windchime

Go Read the story of the Skeleton Key

"Price is often the first reaction that people have when sales are slow or the economy is bad. But here is the problem with low prices on Etsy.
We are not selling a commodity like tuna fish. We are selling hand crafted items that are backed by our personality, skill, creativity and art. A commodity is a standard item that the price is easily comparable. A lower priced/sale price works for commodities.
It does not work in the same way for hand crafted items. People often shop for hand crafted items because the want items that are unique, different, from other items, and therefore not easily comparable.
So what to do to increase sales?? Tell your story...tell a story about your item in the description

.A used car salesman once told me that people do not buy a car, but rather they buy the story.
Remember the Little Old Lady From Pasadena who never drove the car and so you got a car with really low mileage.Have you ever noticed that people tell you the story about items that they have purchased??What kind of stories???
#1 Emotions: I was really happy when I made this blue glass necklace. I had just returned from the park where my children Jack & Jill had played happily together after having gone through a grumpy morning together. That is why I call this necklace "Happiness".
Creativity: I call this necklace "Perseverance" because I made it and remade it 3 times until it was perfect. The first time I made it I realized the clasp was broken, so I took it apart. The second time I made it I realized that some of the beads were not strung in the right order. Finally I redid the theme of the necklace by adding the 4 ladybugs.I do not know if the greatest perseverance was on my part or on the necklace's part. I do believe that the perseverance paid of in this unique, OAK, necklace.
Short Story: I mainly sell skeleton keys on Etsy. Sometimes I write a short story about the keys and put it in the description. I usually sell 4 skeleton keys for $8.95. When I include the story I charge $11.95 or more.If you look in my shop you will find that the two large brass keys have a story in the description. I write the stories for fun, and in a personal way feel that I have been published when the item sells (see I just wrote a story right there for you). "

If you'd like to read the entire thread from the forums, the link is posted on the right side of the blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Etsian Artists with Great Photos

I keep seeing talk of how to take photos, so I wanted to talk just a little about it myself. I gave just a few tips, because there are a lot of things you can do to take great photos, but I don't want to get that lengthy.
I learned a lot of these tricks a little too late. Now I don't want to retake my photos, haha.
I'm showing some photos from a few Etsian Artists that have great photos of their products.
I love the idea of taking photos of your jewelry on rocks, or a rings sticking out of the sand.
They're almost calming, and so inviting!

I'm all about white backgrounds, like in a light box... But some items just look more elegant with a coordinating scene. For instance, the cherry blossom ring with a cream and pink setting.. How pleasing is this? It makes me want the ring so much more!

Just some things to think about..

  • Tips for Taking Great Photos

  • Use an uncluttered background so the attention is focused on the object, resulting in a stronger photo.

  • Make your own Studio, just step outside or next to a window. Use a cloth to drape over a table and smooth out any distracting folds.

  • Get close to your object! If you are not able to take a photo close enough, just crop it and enlarge the photo.

  • Try different angles. Not just head on.

  • Show just a piece of your object. This envokes curiosity and people just have to check it out.

  • Try out lots of props, rocks, sand, flowers, candy, food, etc... Almost anything can be sold with candy and food in the photo!

N024 Pink Beauty Filagree Necklace


Chocolate Caramels 3 lb total Sampler


Blossom Lampwork Pendant

Cherry Blossom In Pink Fancy Brass Adjustable Ring


Gorgeous Diva Shoe Silk Flower,Floral,Arrangement New


Queen of butterflies earrings by ava

Etsian Artists Featuring Ducks

This is my Bathroom, But I have more ducky things that aren't in the photo.. you can only imagine. lol. ...Even inside the tub...

My sister says it's too much yellow and too many ducks. But I do try to mix it up with pink and purple towels and rugs, when I switch them out.

I don't think my DH is too thrilled about it, but he deals with it :)

I lOVE DUCKIES! Mainly in my bathroom... so cute.

Can you imagine how tempting all these ducks are for me and my bathroom??!

baby mallard duck softie on button wheels

Embroidered hand towel RUBBER DUCK


wooden duck push toy with babies


RUBBER DUCKY Duck Hanging Painting Bathroom Rub a Dub Dub


Ping SockDuck




Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etsian Artists Featuring Frogs

My Favorite Girls

Lillian and Shaylynne

My girls have made my day/life.. So I have to show them off!

Lilly has been such a wonderful big sister, she loves to help however she can. She likes to sit around in her diaper, "just like baby Shaylynne", no matter how cold it gets. (I don't know how she does it!) Though, I suppose it does stay warm in the house, around 75ish degrees.

So anywho, I'm very proud of her!

Moments like these just bring 'happy' tears to my eyes. Yes, I am an emotional mother and yes I do cry when I have to put away clothes that are now too small, and yes, embarrassingly, I do still get teary eyed when I hear myself called "mommy".

I just love these hilarious faces Lilly makes when she knows I'm trying to get nice photos! Such a natural model, don't ya think?

I've considered telling her not to do it because her face will stay like that (As I was told as a child).. but I haven't yet. One of these days... Right now I just want to see every face she comes up with before she grows out of it.

Okay, no more mushy stuff today!


I figured with St.Patricks day right around the corner, another green theme would be appropriate.

I chose the cutest frog items I could find on Etsy, and that took a lot of long searching!

So many people adore frogs, especially as bathroom and garden decor, I've noticed. (Though my bathroom is ducky theme)

Please leave a comment and tell which is your favorite item and what would you use it for.

Plush Green Frog Pillow Pal
Frog Pitcher

Rainforest Frog Carved Oak Toilet Seat
Stool-Froggie Stool

SALE recycled wool spring peeper frog
Large Frog Leg Pot with Warts

Froggie Frog Step Stool
Celadon Glazed Stoneware Covered Frog Keepsake Box

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am so very frusterated.. :(
I want to crochet more than anything! But I can't seem to do it correctly and don't know anyone who knows how to show me.
I've watched so many 'how to' videos and tutorials, and I feel like I'm doing it exactly as the instructions show.. Yet mine comes out so differently!
I wish I could figure out what I'm doing wrong.
I want to make beanies, booties, sweaters with matching crocheted pants.
There're just something about crocheted and knitted items. They're so cute on little girls, and so comfy looking. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'm going to the nearest knitting supply store to see if one of the ladies will give me a quick lesson.
Wish me luck!

All of those roses are so tempting....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Etsian Artists Featuring Roses

Both Giveaways ended today!
Madeline is the first winner of the Heavey Reusable Menstrual Pad!
AND I decided to choose a second winner for my pads..
demmi is the second winner of the Heavy Reusable Menstrul Pad!
Digital Misfit is the winner of the Kawaii Candy Badge from Lisita Glamita!
!Congrats you three!
I will be hosting another giveaway in the near future with more pads and soaps, so please keep checking back!
I had such a cute line up for Etsian Artists featuring Owls, but something in that post is messing up my computer..
So I regret that I will not be able to fix it, and will try to feature them another day.
But these are all beautiful roses that I really wanted to show off. I just love flowers, pinks and reds!
Wedding Rose Garden - Red and Pink

Delilah- Dangle earrings with clear gem and blue clay flowers

Annabelle Earrings

Pink Roses Stone Tile Necklace
Red-ish pink roses, and skulls tote large bag with key leash
Long Stem Knitted Rose- Red
Sterling Silver Heart and Wild Rose Pendant Unique Gorgeous

Live Miniature Rose
Verona Rose Necklace