Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Etsian Artists with Great Photos

I keep seeing talk of how to take photos, so I wanted to talk just a little about it myself. I gave just a few tips, because there are a lot of things you can do to take great photos, but I don't want to get that lengthy.
I learned a lot of these tricks a little too late. Now I don't want to retake my photos, haha.
I'm showing some photos from a few Etsian Artists that have great photos of their products.
I love the idea of taking photos of your jewelry on rocks, or a rings sticking out of the sand.
They're almost calming, and so inviting!

I'm all about white backgrounds, like in a light box... But some items just look more elegant with a coordinating scene. For instance, the cherry blossom ring with a cream and pink setting.. How pleasing is this? It makes me want the ring so much more!

Just some things to think about..

  • Tips for Taking Great Photos

  • Use an uncluttered background so the attention is focused on the object, resulting in a stronger photo.

  • Make your own Studio, just step outside or next to a window. Use a cloth to drape over a table and smooth out any distracting folds.

  • Get close to your object! If you are not able to take a photo close enough, just crop it and enlarge the photo.

  • Try different angles. Not just head on.

  • Show just a piece of your object. This envokes curiosity and people just have to check it out.

  • Try out lots of props, rocks, sand, flowers, candy, food, etc... Almost anything can be sold with candy and food in the photo!

N024 Pink Beauty Filagree Necklace


Chocolate Caramels 3 lb total Sampler


Blossom Lampwork Pendant

Cherry Blossom In Pink Fancy Brass Adjustable Ring


Gorgeous Diva Shoe Silk Flower,Floral,Arrangement New


Queen of butterflies earrings by ava


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my pendant! It's a never ending battle to take decent pictures so it's lovely for someone to appreciate them :).

  2. Great tips. I have been experimenting with patterns and colors in the background. I print my own using a low tint percentage on a non-glare paper. It is like dinner music. You want to notice it's there but not have it overwhelming.

  3. The photo taking tips are great! Thanks for posting them!

  4. Great photos! Any ideas for taking photos of cards? I'm stuck in a rut!