Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today's Featured Etsian Artist is LisitaGlamita!

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Today I'm featuring Etsian Artist LisitaGlamita~

LisitaGlamita makes and sells cute and fun accessories and ornaments!

1 How did you first hear about Etsy?I actually stumbled upon it while looking for stickers on the net. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

2 When did you first start selling on Etsy?I converted my buyer account to a shop in early December, then after a few sales I decided to go ahead and create an account specifically for selling (and with a nicer name, I might add).

3 What made you decide to make what you make?I’d seen polymer clay items being made on Etsy, especially candies and cookies and all number of yumminess. I was able to get ahold of some Japanese clay crafting books, and was completely awed...thus was born a new obsession with clay.

4 Where do you get your passion/motivation?I’m motivated by the spirit of diy and the anyone-can-do-it mentality of the international craft community!

5 Do you have a day job?I’m currently an unemployed victim of the economy, like so many other sellers on etsy, but I’m living with my mom and attending school full time, so I can’t complain. I’m a vet assistant by trade.

6 Where do you invent your items? i.e. do you have an office or do you work in your house?I work on two desks crowded into my bedroom. I like living amongst creative chaos!

7 Do you belong to any Etsy Teams?Not yet, but I’d like to someday.

8 How long does it take you to create a piece?Oh, anywhere from an hour to two hours for the clay pieces. Sewing items takes more time, I have impatient fingers!

9 When do you get most creative?Usually after a catnap.

10 What is your most popular item in your store?So far, the Super Cookies are the most popular.

11 Any advice you could give to other new sellers on Etsy?To other new sellers I would say, get yourself out there as much as possible! Meet other sellers on the forums and make friends. Try joining promotional sites like CraftJuice and Twitter or Flickr. And don’t ever give up! I guarantee anybody who tries will become successful on Etsy.

12 What do you do to promote your shop?I participate in a lot of forums, Critiques especially (mostly because it’s fun, but I do get hearts that way!). I’m also registered on Twitter and CraftJuice. I also send out promotional material like stickers with my orders.

13 How do you balance your creative work with home life and family?Oh man….it’s a constant juggling act to balance all my silly creative energy with the rest of my life! As my family will tell you, I am always working on something, be it homework or clay or felt or any little thing I can come up with. Fortunately, they’re very supportive of my shop.

14 Are you trade friendly with fellow Etsians?Totally! I haven’t had the chance to do a trade yet, but it looks fun and rather addicting, I’m sure.

15 Do you have your own blog?Not yet. I’d like to, though.


  1. Adorable shop!
    The sweet treat brooches are so cute, but my fave item is the wonderful Laura and Paco duo!

  2. I love the Plush Sushi Keychain/Cell Phone Charm

  3. i really like the clockwork romance hair bow! great give away


  4. my fave is the bernie and noah sugar skull duo, but i love the party sushi too


  5. i love my friend LG's shop. my fave would have to be the sugar skulls, especially daisy and marcus.