Saturday, February 14, 2009

Featured Fellow Etsian~WildRoseJewels

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Today I am featuring a new Etsian~WildRoseJewels

She carries Exquisite handmade sterling silver jewelry, I just love love love her pieces!

I heard about Etsy a few years ago, but I came across it recently while searching for jewellery supplies.

I started selling my jewellery on Etsy two months ago.

I make jewellery because it makes me happy.

I live in a house full of boys, and jewellery is something girly and pretty that I can do just for me.

Passion for my craft comes just from the fact that I enjoy it. It’s something I want to do. I look forward to getting new materials and all the creative possibilities they bring.

My day job is mommy right now, and I love it. My son will be one year old in March, and I can’t believe how the time has flown by. He is an absolute joy.

I do my work at my kitchen table, everything from making the jewellery, to the photography, to packing and shipping. It’s great. Although a studio would be nice too . . .

I am a member of the Alberta Street Team.

It doesn’t take me very long to make a piece, once I’ve solidified the idea. Usually I’ll think about it for days, draw pictures, and once I have it all figured out, it comes together pretty quickly.

I get most creative whenever I get new supplies.

I don’t think I have a most popular item . . .yet. I’m still newish.

Advice for new sellers - maybe I’m not the best one to ask, but I think the main thing is to never stop working on it. There is always something you can improve on.

I have tried some paid advertising, but I’m not sure it’s working. I try to post in the forums whenever I can, and I’ve been telling everyone I know, and telling them to pass it on.

My creative work comes second to my family, of course. During the day, my son runs the show. Usually I work before he gets up, or when he naps - he’s still a two-nap-a-day kind of guy, luckily. Evenings are devoted to my husband. It all works pretty well.

Ooh, I haven’t done a trade yet, but I would definitely love to!

I don’t have my own blog yet, but it’s on my to do list.


  1. Great feature.She makes wonderful jewelry.Thanks for sharing your blog with me