Thursday, February 19, 2009

OOAK Dresses By Etsian Artists

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Today I am featuring three wonderful Etsian Artists!
I am in love with all of these outfits from these fantasticly creative artists, so you must look at them too!

Crazy Rainbow Sweater & Boho-chic Crocheted Dress/Skirt
These flouncy fun crocheted creations were made by subrosa123

Red and white wrap dress & Special Occasion Rust Colored Dress
These amazing dresses were made by ThePilaShoppe

Coffee Blossom & Blackbird

I just love this dress and skirt, so I had to show them off! So full and beautiful... Definitely looks like a lot of work went into them!

These lovely creations were made by lovekayt, who is a new Etsian Artist.

Go check out her store!

~A Quote from lovekayt~

"I've been creating since i was about 8 years old. I started in Kids Can
Sew classes with a woman who taught out of her basement. I caught on pretty
quick, i remember her asking me if it really was my FIRST time sewing. I took
classes for a few years, once a week. Eventually i gained the freedom to work on
what i wanted to in her classes, and i was soon off on my own.

I made my first wedding dress when i was in the 7th grade, and it
traveled in a nationwide Bernina Fashion show!

So, i've been sewing for myself and family for much longer than i've
have been selling.

I made the decision to try and sell my goods just last summer. I was
burnt out on other REAL jobs, tired of filling a time slot, and found i was
asking myself "What do you LIKE to do, WHat are you good at?

"O yeah, that's right, your life has been taking you down a creative
path all along, STOP FIGHTING IT!" So i did.

It's been not even 1 year since my first attempt at selling, and i am
so grateful that it's going well and that i'm answering these questions for

I am currently doing custom sewing out of our home for the lovely
people around Helena, MT. I'm also an apprentice bootmaker, sewing up custom
built logger and packer style workboots for a famous montana

I find my inspiration all over: from listening to someone talk, to
explaining myself. There is a creative energy that we can all tune into, this
creative energy that turns a seed into a blossoming flower. Maybe i start with
just a portion of an idea as compared to what comes out, maybe every thing holds
all of its possiblities from the worst to the best, every material knows what it
holds creatively. Don't fight it because the more you just go with it, the more
is shown to you.

Like etsy. I was told about etsy from a fellow crafter, it took me
awhile to get here, and i'm glad i am. "


  1. This is really cool, I like how you feature other artists and do interviews with them. I'm definitely finding out about artists I might not have known about otherwise.

    Keep up the great work!:D


  2. Wow! I'm so glad Megan sent me the link to this page! I never really imagined all the absolutely amazing things people on Etsy have to offer but wow was I ever wrong! I think it's fabulous what you're doing with the all natural products, way to go! I admire that :D

    I love how you feature other artists as well, what I've seen on this page alone is outstanding. Looks like I'm going to be spending the weekend browsing and drooling!

    I hope you never stop making such fantastic products, and I wish for you to have all the customers you'll ever need :)


  3. i love this entry! it's amazing! btw, thanks for featuring me last week!

  4. What beautiful pieces! I am drooling over them all. Handmade is the way to go....the quality is so much better!
    Being a young mom of two small children, my fashion has gone to the wayside. would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway:)