Monday, February 9, 2009

New Treasures

So yay! I have new treasures that I want to share!

First off, we got our matching hats, so so cute! They are pink and brown crocheted, with pretty flowers, I love them. I've yet to get a photo with all three of us, but I plan to. Lilly just doesn't cooperate when its photo time... Shaylynne doesn't have a choice as she hasn't learned to escape. haha, I'll enjoy that while it lasts!

I've been wanting to go more 'green', so I go some little cotton squares to replace my cotton balls. I go through cotton balls rather quickly.. I even got a pretty baggie to put the cotton squares in. I just hang it on my towel rack, I love it! They're so soft and exfoliating. I think I like them better than regular ole cotton balls! I plan on using the baggie to wash them in, so that I don't lose them all in the cycles. I plan on making a drawstring mesh baggy in the future to wash them in... I think this is a great step for everyone to be more environmentally friendly. It's just a small change, but it helps! Imagine all the cotton balls that every person in the entire world goes through in a months time! That's a lot, so we should all try to reuse what we can and stop buying into things that can only be used once. :)

All these items were made from a favorite fellow Etsian, Krys2576,

She's working on an amazing sweater dress for my Lilly right now, I can't wait to get and post it!

That's it for now!

The girls even have matching outfits to wear with these hats, I'll try to capture some moments when Lilly isn't so active.

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