Thursday, February 19, 2009

Linda's Kraft Kreations and My finished Project

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Linda's Kraft Kreations~

Toilet Paper Scarf
This toilet paper scarf is just so funny! I wish I knew someone who wore scarves so that I could take advantage of a hilarious gift!

"I saw a picture of this scarf on a web blog. I thought it looked easy enough to make, and I love to include humor in my work because everybody needs a good laugh! I have been making these scarves for about 2 years now and I sell them mostly at craft fairs around Christmas time. But they have been selling at other times of the year too since so many people are into going green and recycling. I can make this scarf in any color you would like, I have made them with brown spots for custom orders for $1 more. :)"

Yay! I finished my glazed photo project for my MIA, She loved it! There's my sweet baby, Shaylynne, just hanging out while Mommy's working. I'm going to make one for my home pretty soon. This time I plan on sealing the photos with Mod Podge before applying the glaze on top... then maybe the photos won't be blurry-I hope!


  1. That toilet paper scarf is hilarious!

  2. Love the picture of your scarf!! Too funny.
    Your sweetie is very cute too!

  3. The scarf was made by Amanda's Closet, the featured seller. It is very funny and Thank you!

  4. The scarf was made by Amanda's Closet an I love it con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. That is so funny...I would sport it for sure:)