Saturday, February 28, 2009

Etsian Artists featuring knit and crochet

I'm in love with our new hats! 100% cotton= so soft (I think my girls like them too) I'm such a mom,haha, I am always trying to make my girls match. I wonder if they'll hate me for it... oh well! I will have to show these off more later. I ordered matching boots for Shaylynne (The little one)! They have a little flower on the toe, you'll see!
You've got to stop by this artist's store, she's SO affordable and friendly! I believe she is becoming my "Go To" Crochet artist!

"When I was little, I wanted to crochet because both my mother and grandmother crocheted.
I was about 7 when I started crocheting. All I really knew how to do was a chain stitch, and my sisters and I would compete to see who could make the longest chains. I remember them stretching throughout the house, up stairs, down hallways, through rooms..great fun! Then, when I was about 10, I learned how to make granny squares. I'd often end up with granny squares of enormous sizes because that's all I really knew how to do, and my mom let me use all her scrap yarn. :D
Then, in college, I seriously got into it. I picked up a couple of crochet books, and taught myself other things besides grannys. The rest is history. :D
I started selling them halfheartedly shortly after I got married in a little out of the way shop that featured my items, and I sold a couple of things that way. Then, about 6 months ago, I discovered Etsy. Wow! I was "hooked". lol. I love Etsy! It's so great for both buyers and sellers. I haven't discovered any other site that even comes close to being so awesome!
My favorite item to crochet.. That has to be hats. :D I love hats. And it only takes me a couple of hours to complete a piece. That's just perfect for my attention span.I think that's about it. "


"I've always been interested in making things... Whether on paper, or 3-d. I'm an artist and art teacher, and I truly view crochet as "sculpture in yarn".
I was about 7 years old. My grandmother must have been a lot like me, because she was always working on something beautiful in yarn. One day she got tired of me watching over her shoulder and asking questions, so she gave me a hook, and yarn and hours and hours of her precious time, and taught me the basics. I have crocheted on and off all my life. Crochet had taken a back seat for many years... then I picked up hook and yarn again 2 summers ago when I broke my wrist. I thought it would be good physical therapy to keep my hands moving by crocheting. My love of crochet took off from there and flourished into the compulsion it is for me now. Now it seems I never tire of making things in yarn. I even dream of yarn in my sleep.
I started my first shop with crocheted items -- -- a little over a year ago. I was so excited at finding a venue for selling, thus supplementing my massive yarn addiction! My new shop, is an offshoot of CreativeHook. I thought it would be fun... and clearer... to start a crochet shop specializing in all cotton yarns with specifically all summertime items and colors. I'm having great fun with it.
What is your favorite kind of item to crochet? For now it's beach hats. I love making hats, whether for wintertime or summertime.
I am a hard-core perfectionist. I have an excellent eye for design, lines and color, thanks to my college years studying art. I think it helps me in my crochet creations. I feel blessed to have found Etsy. It keeps me creative, busy, and optimistic as I dream of yet more projects yet to come.


  1. My mom always dressed my sister and I the same too. She made most of our clothes so sometimes it was the same style - just different colors. Quite annoying as we are 5 years apart in age. Oh well. Your girls are really cute (I have boys), and the hats are darling!

  2. That doesn't give me high hopes Audrey.. :)

  3. I love your stuff, it's really nice!

  4. Your passion for your art is unbelievable! I love it!

  5. These are all created two seperate artists, not myself. But thanks, they do great work!

  6. Thanks for the feature! Your girls are adorable. :D