Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Drop Your Prices! Write A Story! By Windchime

Yay, we found a great Park!
I've lived in TN for a loonng time, and there are amazing parks there! I always wanted to take my kids to them...
Then I moved to Wy... I hate WY. They don't even know what a real park is. :(
But then we found this one! It's a smaller version of a similar park we had in H'ville.
You can't imagine how exciting this is for me! I hate WY like 4% less, now :)
There's my Lilly on her horsey. She said "My bumbum's cold!" and hopped off the horse as quick as she could. haha
It was like 50 degrees that day.
And the photo of half my face? Well, that's what happens when you take your own photos!

"Don't Drop Your Prices! Write A Story!"

This is great advice written by windchime

Go Read the story of the Skeleton Key

"Price is often the first reaction that people have when sales are slow or the economy is bad. But here is the problem with low prices on Etsy.
We are not selling a commodity like tuna fish. We are selling hand crafted items that are backed by our personality, skill, creativity and art. A commodity is a standard item that the price is easily comparable. A lower priced/sale price works for commodities.
It does not work in the same way for hand crafted items. People often shop for hand crafted items because the want items that are unique, different, from other items, and therefore not easily comparable.
So what to do to increase sales?? Tell your story...tell a story about your item in the description

.A used car salesman once told me that people do not buy a car, but rather they buy the story.
Remember the Little Old Lady From Pasadena who never drove the car and so you got a car with really low mileage.Have you ever noticed that people tell you the story about items that they have purchased??What kind of stories???
#1 Emotions: I was really happy when I made this blue glass necklace. I had just returned from the park where my children Jack & Jill had played happily together after having gone through a grumpy morning together. That is why I call this necklace "Happiness".
Creativity: I call this necklace "Perseverance" because I made it and remade it 3 times until it was perfect. The first time I made it I realized the clasp was broken, so I took it apart. The second time I made it I realized that some of the beads were not strung in the right order. Finally I redid the theme of the necklace by adding the 4 ladybugs.I do not know if the greatest perseverance was on my part or on the necklace's part. I do believe that the perseverance paid of in this unique, OAK, necklace.
Short Story: I mainly sell skeleton keys on Etsy. Sometimes I write a short story about the keys and put it in the description. I usually sell 4 skeleton keys for $8.95. When I include the story I charge $11.95 or more.If you look in my shop you will find that the two large brass keys have a story in the description. I write the stories for fun, and in a personal way feel that I have been published when the item sells (see I just wrote a story right there for you). "

If you'd like to read the entire thread from the forums, the link is posted on the right side of the blog.


  1. How lucky to have found a nice park. Wish I had one close by to where we live. My daughter loves the park near my folks but that's hours away! You enjoy and we'll keep looking.

  2. Congrats on finding a park. I used to live in TN too and there were plenty around. Luckily, there are plenty of good places for us to go around here in Boise as well :)

  3. Hmm...I thought I'd commented on this already, guess it didn't take. :/

    Anyways... it looks like you found yourself a smaller "Kid's Kingdom". That's fantastic! :D Hopefully it's close enough that it won't be a bother to go to often once it gets warmer out. I'm sure Lilly will like that, especially if she can start playing with other kids there, too.:D

    I like that you posted the article about a story with your sale items. I may have to give that a go with some of my masks. See if that does anything for my sales.:D
    -Thanks for reposting it.:D

    Sorry you have to wait so long for your crocheting class, but at least you found someone giving classes. It's a start.:)


  4. Parks rock - and I'm happy you finally found one out west!

    And I hear ya about prices on Etsy - it can be a struggle at times... but I try to hang in there, and the right buyer always comes along!

  5. I love parks! I can't wait until Calvin is old enough to play in them so I can play too, lol. There's this really awesome park where I used to live as a kid, it's this HUGE play structure with all kinds of fun things to do.
    And that is fab advice on telling a story, I never thought of it, but it makes sense :)