Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brand New Etsian Artist-Amanda's Crochet

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Today I'm Featuring Amanda's Crochet~

Her Shop Is Brand New! She sells adorable crocheted hats at terrificly affordable prices! She will be selling more items in the future, I can't wait! I've ordered two matching hats for my girls from Amanda's Crochet and I will show them off as soon as I recieve them!

I love love love crochet items!

How did you first hear about Etsy? I saw someone on a blog who had an etsy shop and I wanted to check it out.

When did you first start selling on Etsy? I had a shop about a year ago where I sold jewelry, but I closed it to open my current shop. Amanda's Crochet has only been up and running for a few days and I'm hoping it will be a big success!

What made you decide to make what you make? My grandma crocheted for as long as I can remember. I still have a granny square afghan she made for me when I was about 6 years old! When I was 19 I taught myself how to crochet and have been 'hooked' ever since!

Where do you get your passion/motivation? I guess it just comes from a desire inside myself to creat something lasting and beautiful, from my own two hands.

Do you have a day job? I have the oldest day job in the book...housewife! I love being home and taking care of my family and our two pets.

Where do you ivent your items? i.e. do you have an office or do you work in your house?I am lucky that I can carry my job with me just about anywhere I go...waiting at the doctor's office, long trips in the car, at the park on a nice day...but I usually just get comfortable on the couch and start crocheting.

How long does it take you to create a piece? It depends on what I'm working on! A hat can take me as little as 40 minutes, while an afghan can take 40 days!

What is your most popular item in your store? Well all I have put in my store so far are hats, but in the future I would like to start adding afghans too.

Any advice you could give to other new sellers on Etsy? To just put all your love into
what you create because others will see your passion in your craft and they'll admire you for it.

What do you do to promote your shop? Sometimes I will post in the etsy forums or try to make new acquaintances in the etsy chat rooms. I also have a wonderful family who wear my hats and other accessories, so people ask about them and sometimes become new customers.

How do you balance your creative work with home life and family? My family always comes first. I never let my work get in the way of doing what I need to do at home.

Are you trade friendly with fellow Etsians? Yes, if there is something I find in their shop
then I am open to trading.

Anything else you would like to share? Thank you for this opportunity! Hope to see you all at Amanda's Crochet!


  1. I love the pink flower!
    CUTE CUTE hats!

  2. So, So cute and such detail! I would love to have one of these for my 3 year old daughter Cadance. Thanks for the giveaway:)