Friday, February 13, 2009

About a Fellow Etsian~Craftychick101

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Today I am blogging about a fellow etsian, craftychick101

She makes beautiful bangle bracelets, earrings, and pendants out of floss, take a look!

Here are some favorite picks from her shop!

How did you first hear about Etsy? I'm not sure exactly... I remember stumbling upon it one day and shopping around on the site. I just thought... wow, this would be a great place to list some of my items!

When did you first start selling on Etsy? I started listing items in my supply shop in March of 2008. It was a great way for me to supplement the cost of the beads I was buying for my own jewelry. I started making my wrapped bangles in October of 2008 and when I realized there wasn't much like it on Etsy I created CraftyChick101 and listed my merchandise.

What made you decide to make what you make? I love bangle bracelets and I wanted to find a way to incorporate fun colors into them. One day I was looking into my box of floss, trying to decide if it was worth holding on to when the idea to make floss wrapped bangles and earrings came to me. Where do you get your passion/motivation? The need to create and earn a living from my creations inspires and motivates me.

I started my first business (a jewelry company) when I was eight. I sold handmade necklaces to the elementary school PTA so that they could mark them up and resell them at the school Holiday Fair. After that I was hooked and knew that one day I would have my own company based on the items I create.

Do you have a day job? Yes, I am a retail analyst for a major retailer in New England.

Where do you invent your items? i.e. do you have an office or do you work in your house? My house. Usually in the living room while watching some of my favorite shows.

Do you belong to any Etsy Teams? I am a member of the Crafting in Color Street Team, for more information about our team, visit our network at or search for "cic team" and find bright & colorful items by our team members!

How long does it take you to create a piece? Usually 30-45 minutes start to finish.

When do you get most creative? On the weekends when I'm nice an relaxed.

What is your most popular item in your store? The custom set of 3 bangle bracelets has 10 hearts and over 300 views. Most of my orders have been custom orders as well.

Any advice you could give to other new sellers on Etsy? Get your name out there and don't give up. If something doesn't work, don't get discouraged, try something new. List and re-list often and have nice, clear pictures.

What do you do to promote your shop? I Twitter (name: CraftyChick101) and I'm starting a CraftChick101 blog on Blogger. I also have a blog on MyCraft (name: CraftyChick).

How do you balance your creative work with home life and family? It's hard! There are times when I realize that all of my free time goes into my shop and I have to step back and take a break from it. I try not to let it consume me, but it's hard to balance both.

Are you trade friendly with fellow Etsians? Always and forever!

Do you have your own blog? Yes, brand new.. my first entry will be this weekend. It is going to be:

Anything else you would like to share? I am dedicated to my shop and making sure my customers are well cared for. I love working with bright, fun colors and I hope that people will see all of the possibilities that my bangles and earrings have to offer!

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  1. I love thread, and these bangles are so pretty! Thanks for posting, I hadn't seen this shop before.