Monday, May 4, 2009

I Highly Recommend this book to every seller!

I could not talk about this awesome book without showing off the incredible jewelry from the Love and Lust shop, who wrote the book.

I won the Love and Lust Giveaway, yippee!!
Go HERE to take a look at my prize, but mine will be pink!
I'm super excited, because we all know how much I love this store!
(I'll post some photos when I receive them)

Written by: Love and Lust

I received my copy of Psychology of Selling Online, a very educational book, a few days ago and was so impressed that I just had to show it off!
And Thank YOU for sharing your secrets and fantastic strategies with us!

I have purchased a few other books that were supposed to teach me the various ways of being a successful seller. Some were good, others were just a waste of money (live an learn!)

But, I have to say, there is no comparison here.

This enlightening book goes further in depth than most. It's obviously something that took a while to research and write; not one of those short-quickly written and thrown together books that you can find anywhere.

Yeah, you can go to the forums for advice, right? But you don't always know the right questions to ask in order to learn what you really need to know. There is valuable information in this book that I haven't seen mentioned in the forums... (But you'll have to read it to find out!)

Psychology Of Selling Online is a .pdf document that will be emailed to the address listed on your paypal account within 24 hours, though I received mine within the hour. (She's incredibly prompt) It's nice to not have to wait for it be mailed via snail-mail.
If you are constantly finding that your sales are low, your pictures aren't right, you don't know who your target market is, or no one seems to know that your store exists..this book is essential to you!

I'm voting this the #1 most informative book that I have found on Etsy

"Frustrated with a lack of sales? Not sure if what you’re doing is working? I’m not!
And I’ll tell you why!
Within this book you’ll learn about the basics of starting, running and promoting your etsy shop. I’ve also found the ten BEST scientific journal articles on online selling and summarize each one and break it down in ‘common language’ what their saying and how it applies to your etsy shop and sales!*
A few of the things I discuss in this book:
- The single BEST way to find out what people think about your shop and WHY they’re not buying

- How to build a light box for under $8 and the huge difference it makes in your photos

- Why I get 250+ NEW followers on twitter a day

- How I got my boyfriend featured in our local newspaper one month after he started on etsy

- The personality types of people who shop online and how you can use that information to generate sales

- How to make beautiful handmade business cards that don’t get thrown away

- The one thing you must do on Saturday night on etsy

- Why the descriptions of your items are the most important part of your shop- Why you only need ONE positive feedback to increase your selling potential

- How to ensure your shop has a high level of ‘social presence’

- Why RISK is so important to consumers and how to overcome it

- How to use your competition to YOUR advantage

- Plus much, much more!

This book is over 40 pages long! There are only a few photos so this is 40+ pages of PURE INFORMATION that will increase your sales and demystify the world of online marketing and selling!"


  1. Thanks for the information (and the giveaway). This definitely looks like one e-book I can't resist!

  2. Congrats on winning! You provide so many giveaways yourself! I'm so glad you won!

  3. Aww, Thanks One Little Bird :)
    And I hope you all do read this book, it really is a "must read" :)

  4. Hi Sweetie!
    Thank you so much for comming to my blog & be so kind.
    Im so behind, Im glad to have found your blog! WOW! so much to read & learn, im going to read that book, Thank You for sharing. Im going to open my shop up again on Esty... only sold 5 things & had another baby soooo I have so much to read & learn and get caught up.
    Thanks to people like you for sharing your info.
    What a sweet family you have.
    Best Wishes to you!!!
    Joelle XOXO

  5. Thank you so much for the great review! I hope you don't mind but I linked to it from my shop announcements :)

    I'm so hapyp knowing that the book is truly helpful to others - two of my other customers have started implementing some of my ideas in their shops and are going to keep me posted as to how it affects their sales. I can't wait to see others have success!!

  6. Love and Lust, I don't mind at all if you link this :)
    Thank you One Little Bird, I'm glad I won to! hehe

  7. I'm definitely going to have to check out this book...lend it to me when you're done....PWWEEEAASE!!!!!!!!! *puppy dog face...lower lip trembling..pleading eyes...* ;D

  8. Lol, elven, I can't lend this book out. You'll just have to go buy it yourself :)~~