Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look What I Won From Love and Lust!

I was the lucky winner of the Love and Lust Blog Giveaway!

Love and Lust is one of my favorite jewelry shops on Etsy, so you can imagine how excited I was to win this beautiful set from her. I recieved the Gaia Earrings and the matching Gaia Necklace in pink, my favorite color. I can't wait to wear them and show them off!

If you'd like your own, follow this link straight to the Gaia Earrings.

I have been saying that I would love to have some business cards from her shop so that I can hand them out to admirers. I get lots of compliments and inquiries when I wear her pieces out in public, but most people haven't heard of Etsy...

I've been tempted to make my own cards, with her store address, just so that I can hand them out.

Her items are just so original and unique, everyone should own at least one. I know you'll agree when you check out her store. :)

I got her business cards though, Yay! (Thank you Love and Lust!) She sent me a few cards and now I can hand these out, I can't wait! Look at her handmade cards, I love the personal touch. It means a lot to me, as well as others, when a seller puts so much thought and devotion into every aspect of their store. Down to the most minute detail, such as packaging and yes, business cards.

I apologize for my not so great photos, I was in a hurry and then my camera batteries died.. Please click on them to enlarge.


  1. So delicate and lovely!! Congrats on your win!!

  2. That's so nice from you to give such a nice feedback to the Artist who made those beautiful earrings!!! I'm sure she is as happy as you - when you resived these cuty :) (sorry for misspelling still learning English)

    Rita :)!

  3. They are gorgeous! well done you

  4. How gorgeous they are & how lucky you are to have won them!

  5. Gratz! Those are beautiful items!

  6. Congrats!! I love entering give aways too, and it's great fun if you can win one once in a while!!

  7. congrats! those are pretty.