Thursday, May 21, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~MeatBagz


I find these "Meatbagz" to be highly amusing and useful all rolled into one. Grocery shopping should be more humorous for the wearer of these bags, as well as the observers. Fun for everyone!
I really like the "Cuts of TWILIGHT WOLF Original Meatbagz 2"
If you've read the "Twilight" Series, this bag will tickle your fancy as well. (hehe, I like that phrase)

Which is your favorite?


"Meatbagz is actually created by two of us, Mackenzie and Kate. The third friend we mention in our profile is our sounding board-we come up with ideas between the two of us, then we go to her and see how much we can make her laugh. If it's a giggle, we're on to something; if it's a belly laugh we go with it. "

"Basically our inspiration came from our sense of humor. We wanted to come up with something fun and memorable (and, admittedly, kind of dorky-or at least head turningly, oddly amusing) to put on market totes instead of advertising for various big box stores. Once the word "meatbags" came into the picture we knew we had to just go from there. Our first design was the simple "Cuts of Cow", but why stop with animal meat? Veggies have do fruits...and before you knew it Meatbagz had developed such a personality we often feel like we're just along for the ride. "

"It all started one night over coffee, and by the next day we had our first designs. It basically snowballed from there-once the Meatbagz designs started coming there was no stopping them! That was almost a year ago now, and maybe the best part of our shop is that we're constantly coming up with new ideas, new bagz, and new ways to produce them. We started off with simple iron on transfers on plain totes, then moved on to screen printing, then appliqueing our images onto colored field and messenger bags, and now we're starting a recycled cotton market tote line which we're very excited about. It keeps us amused, at least (and drives our husbands crazy)!"

"I (Kate) think my favorite bag at the moment is our rooster field bag. Not only do I love the bag itself, but I love the image. I had that rooster hanging around in my Meatbagz image folder for months and knew that I wanted to do something with him, but just didn't know what. Then one day we were having a Meatbagz meeting (aka talking on the phone while our kids were taking naps) and we started bouncing ideas off of each other and all of a sudden it came to us: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! It fits the rooster's attitude perfectly and makes me cackle every time I look at him (which, in the end, is the ultimate sign of a true Meatbag). I (Mackenzie) can't decide. I love the rooster too, but I also really like the daydream with the tree. If I were shopping and were going to buy a bag, I'd prob buy the daydream on a field bag."

"As for a craft I (Kate) would love to try-I've always wanted to try silver smithing. I'm a sucker for pretty and unique jewelry, and I'd love to try my hand at making some of my own someday. I (Mackenzie) would like to try pottery and basket making. I'd also love to be able to knit beautiful stuff without any practice and I'd like to try spinning wool into yarn."

"We would like to see meatbagz take over the world someday."


  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! You have a great blog and we'll be checking back often!

  2. LOVE the bags! Definately unique and funny!

  3. Brilliant bags, always good to see unique work! Keep it up.

  4. Another great shop!! This one is my favorite:

  5. these are great! i especially like all the vegetable bags- great for veggie pride! ^.^

  6. These look really cool.:) I've taken to reusing canvas bags for my grocery shopping and it does get old just seeing Big-Box store names on tote after tote. Something artful and amusing would be a nice addition to my tote-bag collection.

    Great idea ladies!!!:D