Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have you seen this Doll?

I had the awesome pleasure of holding this antique doll yesterday, yay! This is my mother's-in-law doll, it belonged to her grandmother. It's over 100 years old, but I am not sure how old, exactly. I'm not really sure how to find this doll, but I'd love more information if anyone knows anything about it, or how to find out more about it.

The doll is 14.5" tall, with a styrofoam (?) pate, Sleep eyes, Gusseted Joints on a leather body, Open mouth, painted lashes, black fishnet stockings, and a pink wool dress. The over dress appears to not be the original, but is still just about as old as the doll. Her hair is missing.

The back of this doll's neck is engrave with;
11 5/0 DI
Made In Germany


These two dolls were also made in Germany, though I couldn't get to their necks to find any markings. The clothes were so brittle, they tore too easily to be pulled away from the bodies.

They are each 13" tall, missing the feet. They are have china shoulder heads, with painted hear and faces. The bodies seem to be made of fabric, maybe muslin, and stuffed with hay and wood chips (or something similar). They are missing their hands, but look at the way the arms are stitched. The sailor dress isn't the original, but is just about as old as the doll. I suppose maybe all other clothing is original, but I don't really know. The way the legs look just amazes me. It reminds me of Indian money, lol.

Does anyone know anything about these Dolls?


  1. on the dolls you may want to look on well one of the sites where thay deal with all the antique dolls from there well thay maybeable to tell you more abt it some wheres on the doll there sould be some kind of marking as well

  2. There are markings, I posted the markings..
    I just don't know where these websites are...

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