Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vintage Toys and the fun we had!

Here are just a few more wonderul vintage toys that you might remember.
Toucan Sam, this is probably not the Toucan that was mentioned in the story, but he's still cute!
I remember having an Easy Bake Oven myself. Couldn't really make much. I had 3 siblings and there was just never enough for all of us! I only recall using it 2-3 times.
Strawberry Shortcake is just...sweet. I didn't have her as a child, but I see that she is quite popular with children now.
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This is the Solo In The Spotlight Barbie. My MIL owned this Barbie, at one time... Mattel did a very tricky thing.. There was something different about this Barbie (I can't remember what). They told everyone that if they brought the old Barbie back to the store they would give them the new Barbie. They must have realized this Barbie would be worth something someday, and they didn't want it circulating. Kids were excited to get the new Barbie and give up the already played with one.. Till they were older and realized what had happened. My MIL never opened the new one, then she had kids.. She needed to make room in the house for her kids and their toys so she had a yardsale. And YES, this unopened Barbie was sold for just a few dollars, about 20 years ago. She regrets it now.
This story made me sooo very sad.

kjbeads says:
I have to thank my Father for all the easy bake oven cakes I sat in his lap and made himeat with no chance of ditching as much as a crumb. I should have owned my own bakery with all the crap I made. BLOG

movetheneedle says:
I loved stuffed animals, which I think never get old. My first toy I can remember was a stuffed toucan that squeaked when I shook it. But I gave it a "bath" in the sink and it didn't squeak as much after that, haha and I couldn't understand why at first. BLOG

breedingfancy says:
You just made me go on a little stroll down memory lane...If I could go back in time and retrieve just one toy from my childhood (the 80s), it would be my Strawberry Shortcake toy rotary telephone. It was the most adorable thing. My little sister and I, like all of our Christmas presents, had both received one. You picked up the phone, dialed one of the numbers, and a voice recording would play depending on which number you dialed. The only message I can remember clearly is a sweet voice saying, "Hello? Blueberry Muffin here."Oh, it was awesome!I kept it all the way through high school. Then, after sophomore year in college, I had to get rid of all of my stuff leftover back home. I couldn't very well bring that back to the dorm, right? So. I. TRASHED IT!! Or maybe I gave it to the Goodwill. Either way it goes, I totally regret it... And I've tried searching for a picture on the Internet-- no go! BLOG

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  1. I had a solo in the spotlight Barbie that got from my mom. I used to love that sparkly dress!