Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Etsian Seller~Galacticatt

If you have your own story with a favorite toy from your past, please leave a comment with a way for me to reach you and it will be posted along with a link to your store and blog!
I've been super stoaked about Vintage toys lately, why? I'm not sure... Maybe, because my daughter is getting to the age where she likes her toys a bit more. It's a little exciting. But her toys are just so different than the ones I used to own... The 80's had very unique toys, lol.
I couldn't wait to show this one off in my feature next week, so here are the Moon Dreamers today!
My sister had a couple of these, we played like they were our Barbie's kids. I don't remember what we named them, but I remember always thinking Sparky (the blonde girl) was a dork, haha. Though we didn't have any other small dolls (at the time) to be the kids... But they really are very cool dolls, with glow in the dark hair!

Galacticatt was kind enough to share her own story of how she started to collect these "far out" dolls, Thank you Galacticatt!

"I remember receiving Blinky and Ursa as a kid- shortly followed by Bitsy & Roary. I was fascinated with their glow-in the dark features, sweet little faces and pets they could ride. Despite my admiration, I was growing out of my dolls at the time, and didn't really play with them much. However, I never did want to get rid of them- they still make me smile. When I discovered ebay and Amazon in 2000, I realized I could get all of them, in new condition! I've been collecting ever since..."


  1. OMG.. this sure brings back memories! I do feel old :) But I must say I think our dolls have more character keke :) Great article and lovely pictures..

  2. lol, I would have to agree, Piggy. Definitely "unigue"

  3. Well my toys I played with are not vintage.. yet! lol
    But I loved the dolls that you but in the base and pull the string and they fly!
    Moon dancers I think they are called

    Wait I found them... Sky dancers!
    On no I found them but... Owe!

  4. Wow, Broken teeth and concussions from playing with Sky Dancers! I remember seeing these on the shelves, not long ago... I'm glad I never bought one, they are pretty toys though.

  5. It wasn't just their hair that would glow in the dark, part of their outfits would, too.:)
    -I remember holding the yellow haired one, "Sparky", up to our ceiling light in the bedroom for several seconds before turning off the lights just to watch her hair and outfit glow.:D

    -I used to have the Moon Palace, too, along with several of the dolls. I just never played with it a whole lot and ended up (stupidly) selling it for about $12 or $14 in a yard sale when I was around 7yrs. old. Wish I hadn't...but it did take up a bit of room for a toy I wasn't playing with.

    I remember having the coloring book, too...but now I can't find it anymore.:(

    They were So cool!!