Monday, April 27, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~tinydewdrops

One Little Bird's jewelry collection provides a way for people to support women in crisis and receive a beautiful memento in return. Fifty-percent of profits are donated to The Hiding Place, a residential facility in Baltimore that houses and cares for women in crisis situations. Usually these women are with child.

Each piece of the jewelry collection reflects nature, creating an accessory world rich in flora and fauna with sterling birds, carnelian flowers, amazonite dewdrops and more. The focal point of the line is a tiny dewdrop, either found on the piece itself or within its artistic packaging.

Why the dewdrop? Because the jewelry line's purpose is to supply nourishment to life, which is the same purpose of earthly dew. The jewelry itself is also tangible encouragement to the buyer:

"It's easy to remember the terrible or frustrating events in our lives, and it's easy to remember the huge, glorious moments that are our milestones. But what do we have as a reminder of the seemingly small things we do for others? A smile to a child, a couple of dollars for a friend's drink, a picture we snap for our grandma; these memories tend to fade away as we continue to walk through life, yet these occasions can be some of the most important moments we live. This is one of the many reasons why One Little Bird jewelry was birthed. May we remember those 'little' things we do that refresh others - like the dewdrops to the flowers - and may they give us motivation to carry on in our daily walk." ~ Gina (Creator of One Little Bird)


  1. Beautiful pieces! I am a fan :) It's amazing and wonderful that the profits are going into a good cause :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful artiste.

  2. Very lovely! The swallow bracelet is so cute!

  3. What a lovely cause and beautiful pieces- thanks for sharing!