Monday, April 20, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~VivianNicoleDesigns

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I am still in search of fun personal stories about your past with your favorite (vintage) toy for my feature next week! Feel free to leave me a comment with a way to reach you to get your story. With each story I post, your name and a link to your store will be posted as well.
I was just randomly browsing through the great 'world' of Etsy and found these sweet store... The bootie and rattle sets melted my heart! So of course, I had to show them off and melt your heart as well!
My daughter's little piggies just keep growing so darned fast, I wonder if these can be made in her size.. hmm... (Can be made up to 12 months, I'm in luck!)
They're just too cute to pass up! I am a huge sucker for baby booties..
Which set is your favorite?

"The love of crafting was inspired within me through my mother's example. I would sit next to her for hours while she knit or crochet and soon I learned to hold a crochet hook before I learned to hold a pencil. By the age of five, I had mastered the art of crochet well enough to create my own designs, soon I learned to knit. I hope that by my example my now young children are inspired with the love of creating as I was at their age. "

Here you will find my original designs for baby accessories and toys, such as my original Rattle Booties and Wrist Rattle Developmental Gift Set!
Most of my items are made in crochet, some in knit, others in fabric. All my items are crafted with love and special attention to detail.I take great pride in everything I create and I only offer high quality items!
All my crafts are boutique quality! "


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  2. Did you email me?
    What is your email.
    I am excited to be a winner! Thanks so much to 'yarnlovertn'!

    ashlomb at yahoo dot com

  3. I've emailed you :) The first email was sent back to me, lol!

  4. Congrats Ashley!! Love those booties!!