Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage Toys and the fun we had!

Here is my third segment on the Vintage Toys that brought laughter and fun into our lives.
Do you remember these toys?
My little brother had a three wheeler similar to this..(different colors) Mine was neon green and pink. I seem to remember that front wheel breaking easily, because its plastic..hmm
My daughter now has a Sit 'n' Spin, They're much cooler now, lol. Hers has lights that flicker on the top and it plays different songs while she spins.
The Miss.Beasley doll was before my time, but she seems to be popular.. I understand she was on a TV show of some sort. (?) I may have to do more research on her, I'm interested to know why she is so beloved.
Do you have a personal story with a vintage toy that you'd like to share? Please email me at

echoart says:

I also LOVED my Big Wheel! It was so much fun to go tooling around the block, low to the ground, plastic wheels making that cool sound along the pavement! My friends and I also used to turn them upside down, sit on them, and grab the pedals with our hands to spin the wheel -- we pretended the wheel was a washing machine (how we thought clothes could fit in there I don't know!), and we called it "Playing Laundromat". :) We sat there, chatted and literally spun our wheels. :)

daisytoad says:
remember the lady on qvc who would always refer to GoBots as Go Butts? my brother and I still call them Go Butts! BLOG

vintageitville says:
Sit N Spin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALLLL day. My grandma had one at her house and it was the reason why we LOVED to visit. BLOG

kjbeads says:
I had a Chrissy doll that had a button on her back. You pushed it and her hair grew really long. Loved that doll till my brother cut her hair. Okay, that was the whole point of the freakin doll! BLOG

taissalada says:
I have some fun memories of barbie and making houses and run ways out of my mom's cook books. I used to cute up barbies clothing and play "runway barbie"with Ken too. Ken was the stage director and barbie was the top model.

PoorRobot says:
I used to love my Sony tape player/karaoke machine. I would drag it around singing songs and dance all over the house! I loved singing Seasame Street songs, Debbie Gibson, Squeeze and Billy
Joel. What a ham I was!

primitiveartdeco says:
Miss Beasley and Timey Tell were a couple of my favorites. Miss Beasley and I had matching glasses. And I learned to tell time with the Timey Tell doll.


  1. Aw, I remember them all! Thanks for sharing!

  2. really lovin your toy posts!... all the memories keep coming back ;)

  3. Yes! I had a pink Big Wheel when I was in pre-school : ) I also had the Sit n Spin. Great post.

  4. I so remember the BIG guys both had one and the first thing I did was remove the dreaded clacker attached to the wheels. Man, that noise was horrific!

  5. i had a timey tell doll too! she was my absolute favorit...check out pics of timey on my page ;)