Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Toys and the fun we had!

I've been collecting stories about (now) vintage toys and the memories they had brought to people as children...
I was going to make one very large post featuring all of these stories, but decided it would be easier for you and me if I just do more shorter posts.
These are just a few of the personal stories that were shared with me, Thanks all of you!

Maybe I'll list a toy that you used to love as well...

I'm so thrilled! My Mother-in-law has informed me that she has a small collection of dolls that are over 100 years old! I can't wait to see them, I'll take photos so that I can show them off!

Feel free to contact me at if you have a story that you'd like to share as well!

Vintage Toys

Cabin says: I had an awesome toy called Fashion Plates.It came with these plastic plates with different tops, bottoms, model's heads, and shoes.The images on the plates were raised, so you could take an imprint/rubbing with them with paper and a crayon.You would mix and match them to create an outfit. BLOG

myhools says:
Oooh, here's a pic of me actually playing with one of my toys as a child...look at how cool I am in that jacket. hahaha I always felt like such a 'big girl' playing with those mini video game toys!

ellenray says:
I saw a metal doll house at a friend's house the other day, and it reminded me of the terrific doll house I played with for hours as a girl. It had a battery operated ceiling light in the living room, real stairs, and a swimming pool in which I would put a few guppies from our aquarium. They would eventually jump out to meet their demise on the table.The sad part of that house, though, is that I never had dolls the correct size to use- especially articulated ones that would sit in the chairs!

rougepicotenoir says:
I looooved my Mandy doll. We got her on a road trip and my mom made unique clothes for her.I looooved her! BTW I am somewhat traumatized that my childhood toys are now VINTAGE! Yikes! BLOG

Kymsart777 says:
I remember my aunts friend gave me a house for my barbies. Not a Barbie dream house...this was before those! It was huge...and made of cardboard, thick cardboard and completely furnished. I took old photos and pics from magazines and decorated the house to my own taste! Barbie spent days waiting for GI Joe to come home from Vietnam! Finally he came home and there was Barbie in her nice new home. BLOG

These are the "Fairy Tail Friends". I used to have one of these, I don't remember which one. I never really knew anything about these. Were they a TV show or just a toy? But I thought it was cute, nonetheless. I feel a little guilty, I had forgotten all about them. I just happened to see a photo while doing my 'vintage research'. I'm glad to have remembered these little sweeties! Did you have one of these as well?


  1. Interesting post! Totally brings back my childhood memories. Personally - I am a great lover of Steiff (German) teddies. My dad used to buy me one after each business trip. My favorite is a duck that quacks! Still have them with me!

  2. I had some fashion plates and loved them!

  3. fantastic idea- enjoyed reading about the old toys- love them myself-

  4. The Steiff animals are cute, I had to check them out. I found quite a few ducks, which one was yours? I like the duck on wheels, myself.

  5. what a fun blog...makes me want to go through my mom's attic...yikes!!!

  6. Great idea for posts!! I remember having one doll as a child, if you pushed her belly button you could pull out her pony tail and make her hair long. Never really was a girly girl though, spent most of the time outside with Dad and Grandpa.

  7. I wanted the mini arcade so badly as a kid. I think I'll have to pick one up as an adult ;) Now the question remains, PacMan or Donkey Kong?

    I too owned Fashion Plates and had hours of fun with it.

  8. great idea! I will be thinking of my old toys, to fun!

  9. Great posts. I was thinking of my old Fashion Plates while reading your current post and then saw them in the next post down. I loved those things. My most favorite toys were probably the Fisher Price Little People.

  10. We used to play jack almost every recess in elementary school - when it was to cold to be outside. I think I lost a few times.