Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vintage Toys

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My sister and I have been talking about our own memories that we had with our (now) vintage toys. I really really miss my toys now! So, I wanted to show some of them off!
Next week I'll be hosting a feature including other people's memories with their favorite toys!
If you'd like to be involved please leave a comment with a way for me to reach you :)

This was my favorite Barbie, I named her Christina. She is "Island Fun Barbie" 198?. I no longer have her though and I regret ever leaving her behind.. So now I am in a desperate search to find her, a different 'her', of course. Because I can't get my original favorite back.. This is the only one I can find, but I'd like to buy just her, not Ken as well. Wish me luck!



My sister owned Lady LovelyLocks.. She was a beautiful doll. My sis had the canopy bed and coloring books. I loved lying in her bed and staring at the fabric with all the beautiful illustrations of Lovely Locks and her chipmunk friends. I've looked for one on the Internet in hopes of giving my daughter the same experience but have had no luck..

Oh, the Pound Puppies and Pound Furries! There is only one Pound Furry in the photo, but he's a cute little one! How many of you had some of these to cuddle with? I believe these are back on the shelves, right?

1983 Care Bears

I know you know who these cuddly bears are! We had a few of these, including some of the cousins, like Braveheart the Lion, and the Raccoon.. My daughter loves them as well. I had her nursery all decked out with these cuties! Now she's into princesses for her room. (That's cute too)

Vintage My Little Pony

My Little Ponies, I adored these gals! I have 3 siblings and everyone of them would get involved with our pony games, good times! My daughter is now a huge fan of these little sweeties. She has her own collection, Modern styles, of course. They're more slender, I believe the ponies were all put on a diet!

I am really loving finding all these Vintage My Little Ponies.. I see so many that I had, and some I still do.. I won't post them all. But I may do a My Little Pony feature in the future. I'd love to have some of my readers contribute!

Who had a Popple? I had a pink one, but I believe we had one that was similar to this one as well. Your tuck them into a ball and toss them around, remember?

There are plenty more, but I'll save them for next week!


  1. Oh this post is awesome! Definitely brought back some fond memories of my favorite toys (Care Bears and My Little Pony included!).

  2. I had Care Bears and MLP too. Also had Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake items that I played w/ often.

  3. GASP!!! Oh, I used to have Care Bears, My Little Ponies and Pound Puppies!! I wish I still had them. :)

  4. I should have been more clear about my sale yesterday! It was buy one item, get a second item half off :)

    It was only for Saturday night but of course it could be extended for you if you were interested :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I used to have so many My Little Ponies, that it was insane! I dunno what happened to them though; I miss them.


  6. Oooh the memories! I was a huge Strawberry Shortcake fan... had her and Apple Dumpling. I also had a Rainbow Bright doll and I braided her hair into corn rows (not sure why... i was probably learning to braid)

  7. Oh wow... Lady Lovely Locks...I'd forgotten about her! Do you remember Herself the Elf? The Sea Wees? Personally, I was a Strawberry Shortcake junkie, and envied my friends' Jem & The Holograms dolls. ;-p

  8. I wish I had kept the Lady Lovely Locks canopy set...that was really cool. I can't recall if I had a matching bedspread or was pink, I recall that.
    -Remember the purple unicorn bed set I had? I miss that, it was SO cute!!! I think Mom sold it in a yardsale years ago, unfortunately.:(

    That's it, when I have kids, I'm keeping a chest full of cool little stuff like that from their childhoods, even vintage stuff I may be able to find and save now.:D

    I still have 'some' of my MLP's and I think nearly all of my Barbies. Definitely have some Rainbow Bright stuff and of course, my Spectra Barbie "Icelet". It's still funny to me how I came up with that name. She does look kind of like ice, I suppose...;D

    I miss how we'd get E. and C. to grab their G.I. Joe's and play Barbies with us. We'd pack the Barbie Corvette and then later the Barbie SUV full of stuff for a picnic. That was always so much fun for me.:D Or when we'd take over half of our shared bedroom and make little furnised 'living spaces' by the bookcase or the bed or the closet, etc. for our dolls. Man, we made such a mess!! And then we'd leave it there over night to resume our play the next day.:D

    Ok...could go on and on. Oh, I have two Jem dolls, too!:D