Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Featured Etsian Artist~SkylarsCandyClips

SkylarsCandyClips put these up in a blog giveaway, and I won! EEEHH, I was so excited to win! My daughter and I love these soo much. They're soft and comfy to wear and just adorable. The headband goes so well with most of her spring outfits.

Thank you SkylarsCandyClips!

"This little hobby of mine was inspired by my eldest daughter Skylar when she was a baby (now almost 4 years old!) and always losing the hair clips that I bought her. Frustrated by the poor selection of hair clips at the retail stores I shopped from and the outrageous prices they charged, I decided to make my own. From there, it slowly evolved from giving them as gifts, to goody bag treats, until I decided to do retail myself! Skylar always referred to her hairclips as "candy clips" from the many different styles she owned so I thought it was befitting to call it Skylar's Candy Clips in tribute to her for serving as my inspiration, my muse. Thus Skylar's Candy Clips was born!Skylar's Candy Clips...handmade with love and because one is just not enough!!!"

"I'm a mommy of three who LOVES making arts and crafts with her kids! Skylar's Candy Clips was inspired by my eldest daughter Skylar who called her hand made clips her "candy clips". Now almost four years old and a budding fashionista, Skylar took great care matching her outfit with a different clip everyday and we've gotten lots of compliments! Now her baby sister Peyton (who was born with tons of hair!) is following in her footsteps (their middle brother Deacon, for obvious reasons, unfortunately can only admire from afar). Skylar's Candy Clips has expanded to other cool products such as headbands, infant hairclips, ponytail holders, summer hats, baby beanies, and beach bags! Each item is designed and handmade by me with lots and lots of love!"


  1. Those are so adorable!!! Very springy and happy post, congrats on winning the giveaway also! :D

  2. so cute!! ove the owl and the butterfly :)

  3. What a cute shop!!! Wish I had a little girl - maybe I'll get a granddaughter one day (not to soon hopefully) LOL
    Congrats on winning!!

  4. these are adorable! they have a very whimsical and cartoon-like quality that's very fun for little girls! thanks for sharing!