Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vintage Toys and the fun we had!

I have another feature with all the wonderful vintage toys that brought joy into our lives. It's not too late to get your stories in as well, just email me! (

Jacks was before my time, it was a game that my parents and grand parents enjoyed (I believe) But I've heard lots of stories about them!
My mom had a couple of Wrinkels the Dog puppet toys. I never realized what these were until I read the story below. One of them wasn't a puppet though. They were very cute :)
I never owned the 'pretty pretty princess' game, but my neighbor did. I loved collecting the jewlery to wear! ...I was also disappointed when I didn't win the 'pretties'. :(
Do you remember any of these toys?


Kymsart777 says:
We used to play jacks for hours! The boys played too! WE would play on the front porch and have competitions and our hands would be raw on the side or have splinters from the wooden porch! I was pretty good. BLOG

Wrinkles the dog was given to me by Santa around my 5th birthday. He was sitting on top of a brand new desk that Santa also thoughtfully left for me. Wrinkles lived with me until my college days and amongst these dazed and confused days was lost in the college shuffle. :( However, this past Christmas Santa found a New in the Box 1981 Wrinkles dog for my 4 year old who was delighted to meet her mom's childhood pup.

moonstr says:
i had a run yourself ragged board game that i played soo much. basically you take metal ball and run it threw the course and your timed. my cousin got one for xmas.and my parents seeing how much i loved it got me one too.also had a holly hobby doll i defaced with some paint and pens. BLOG

laceybabydoll says:
I used to love to play this board game that my dad got my sister and I one year as a Christmas gift. It was called Pretty Pretty Princess! You got to move your pieces around the board to land on spaces so you could wear the different pieces of jewelry. Whoever got to put on all their jewelry and the crown first won! I would always end up fighting with my sister over the crown though. It was plastic and a gray color and you decorated it with those cool puffy stickers that looked like stick on earrings! We ended up breaking it in half one time when fighting over it. We would also make my dad play it and make him wear the crown just to laugh at him! We still have it somewhere in the attic.

kjbeads says:
Not a big doll lover but I had tons and tons of Barbie clothes for all of the ones I had (even fuzzy haired Ken). My great grandmother sewed and crotcheted outfits by the dozen. They would have sent today's Blythe collectors into a tailspin. I had cases full.My sister, 8 years my junior gave Barbie a bath and washed ALL her clothes. We discovered this months after the fact while searching for the God Awful stench. Finally opened a case from the closet. Suffice it to say, more than Ken's hair was fuzzy then.all lost. forever. I still don't like my sister very much. BLOG


  1. oh I love all the toys and stories you are sharing -what a wonderful idea!!!

  2. Great idea! While jacks was befre my time too, I totally remember playing it at my great-grandparents house. It was a favorite, as was basic chalk-board hopscotch and the wooden Labyrinth game where I'd tilt the board so the little silver ball-bearing didn't fall into the hole. :-)

  3. I love all my old toys! I still have my Popple, Hugga Bucnh, Muppet Baby Kermie, Smurfs and more...

  4. Love your old toys. Never seen a fuzzy haired Ken before. Hope you and your sister can make it up one day or better yet - get her back!

  5. Wah! My mom was an amazing jacks player - I never quite got the hang of it! My friend had that long haired Ken; I had the plastic haired one whose head I stuck in the spout of a boiling kettle. He was then peely-headed Ken.

  6. That doll has quite a head of hair, my Ken doll just had plastic blonde hair. :)