Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Outfits and Etsy Artist prettylittle

I really wanted to show off the Easter Outfits I made for my girls today, but wasn't able to get a photo of them together..

So these are some photos from Easter day, seperately, lol.

Lilly loved wearing a dress that coordinated with her little sissy, it was very sweet.

And Shay liked to...well, slobber, on her outfit.

I didn't make them the same, as you see.

Lilly's dress is a twirl dress. Shaylynne's is a short dress with with ruffled pants. I finished the dresses differently, Lilly's ends in ruffles while Shay's ends in Bias Tape. I'm in love!

They had a blast, lots of new candy and toys!

The 'Easter Bunny' left Lilly a basket filled with sugary goodness, an Easter Barbie, Easter Pony, and cute baby doll (also Easter themed). Shaylynne recieved Easter socks, 'pretties', and baby teethers (chew toys).
My Etsy Find
Look how cute these Ridiculously Little Bunny Slippers are!

These can be found at prettylittle

These bunny slippers aren't just pretty little, they're RIDICULOUSLY LITTLE!! But what, you may ask yourself, would you ever do with these silly little things...?

Things you could do with a pair of ridiculously little bunny slippers:

Put them on your fingers. Put them on a doll. Make them into key chains, earrings, brooches, or drink markers. Tie them to a gift box. Give them out as baby shower favors. Glue them onto magnets and put them on your fridge. Hang them from your rear view mirror. Glue them to a picture frame or photo album. Place them atop pencils.

Things you should NOT do with a pair of ridiculously little bunny slippers:

Eat them. Make squeaky, cutesy, giggly noises at them until you nauseate those around you. Try to put your feet in them (although, they would look pretty cute on that baby toe...). Try to put your pet's feet in them (believe me, they don't appreciate that).


  1. aw-- to everything on here!

  2. I have a Lily too, but with a single middle L. Love those outfits!

  3. lol @ the do's and dont's

    cute dresses!!

  4. omgosh those itty bitty bunny slippers are the sweetest things ever!

  5. I swear, I have the CUTEST nieces in the whole world!:D

    Great job on their outfits, they look great!:)