Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uses for Shaving Cream

Gudonya Whipped Shave Cream (tm)


1 Remove spots from rugs and carpets
2 Clean upholstry
3 Make finger paints

4 Clean grease from hands

5 Remove latex paint from hands

6 Keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up

7 Lubricate squeaky hinges

8 Break in a baseball glove

9 Prevent goggles from fogging up

Strange Facts

    Pink Daisy Shaving Soap

  • According to archaeologists, men shaved their faces as far back as the Stone Age-twenty thousand years ago. Prehistoric men shaved with clamshells, shark teeth, sharpened pieces of flint, and knives.

  • Ancient Egyptians shaved their faces and heads so the enemy had less to grab during hand-to-hand combat. Archaeologists have discovered gold and coppers razors in Egyptian tombs dating back to the fourth centry B.C.

  • The first shaving creams specifically targeted to women were introduced in 1986.
  • 70% of women rate clean-shaven men as sexy.

  • Aerosol shaving cream cans were introduced in the 1950's.

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  1. awesome but i use mastey conditioner for my shaving :)

  2. I never knew there were so many uses for shaving cream. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the facts! I learned something new today. Thanks,Liz:)