Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday


I was planning on showing off my little girls' matching Easter dresses today, but... Time has flown too fast!
They wore them to see the Easter Bunny, as you see. I'll take photos tonight though, I'm in love with these outfits!

We did see the Easter bunny yesterday, Lilly was sad because he didn't talk to her :(

But she was thrilled that she was able to sit on his lap!
Neither one of my girls smiled for the photo, lol. (that made me sad) Maybe next year.
Lilly missed the Easter Egg hunt, she woke up very sick.. So today we are going to Grandma's house for an easter egg hunt.
(I can't wait)
Lilly couldn't sleep last night so I told her all about the Easter Bunny.
She has to go to sleep so that he will come and leave gifts and candy inside her basket. But if she doesn't go to sleep, he won't be able to come. She was very excited that she had already met the bunny. It took her no more than 10 minutes to force herself to sleep after that story!
I went to the kitchen to put her basket together and found myself equally as excited.
I spent the time remembering my own early Easters, how much fun they were. I'd go to bed, barely able to sleep, filled with anticipation. I'd always wake early (Just like Christmas morning) and race to the kitchen table to find my filled Easter basket.. Tearing through it to find all the yummy goodies.
I bet You remember doing this, right?
The memories brought a smile to my face. Mostly because I'm creating similar memories for my little ones. Knowing that she might feel the same way I did, just makes me the happiest..
(And knowing that it was me that did it for her)
What do you do on your East morning?


  1. Happy Easter! Sounds like a fun one!
    Just popped in to tell you how much I love the mama pad that I won from you. It is the best cloth pad ever. I can't wait till your shop opens up again!

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