Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ruffly Bum Cover

I did it! I made the Ruffly Bum Cover!

This is the first one I have ever made :)

I used grosgrain ribbon in between each ruffle, see the second photo below.

I made two mistakes on this one... The ruffles are on the front, so Shay is wearing it backward. Oops! And it's one size too big... According to McCall's measurements she should be a medium..

In the last few days I have made a few tops for little Shay, each one was too big. Though they are the smallest sizes available... I'm ready to be done with McCall patterns. The sizing is pretty off... It's really frustrating after spending hours and hours on these adorable outfits, just to find they don't fit. They're too big for Shay and too small for Lilly.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

I'll show you some more of my creations in the next few days.

I was hoping to show how the ruffles run into the seam with this one, but it didn't quite turn out.

I wish I was able to capture a photo of Shay standing while wearing the outfit... She just moves too much now, lol. I had no one to hold her still so that I photograph her that way.

Maybe later.

What is your favorite crafty thing to create?
~Mine is kid's clothing~


  1. this is so cute i love how little girls get to wear underwear that matches their dresses im jealous lol

  2. Super cute :) The baby is even cuter!

  3. Those are too cute! Love them. I am with VenetiaJewelry. I am jealous.

  4. so precious! shay seems pretty pleased with them!

  5. OMG she's so cute!!! She seems pretty happy with them! My fave thing to craft right now is scarves! I just picked up knitting and find it pretty fun. ^-^


  6. Holy cuteness, those pic are so adorable. Why do babies have the sweetest little butts? My favorite things I've been making lately are bookmarks. I usually do the jewelry thing, but it's nice to change it up every once in a while.

    Oh and I wanted to tell you that I love dandelions too. I used to get REALLY mad at my dad for mowing them down. He would promise that they would grow back quickly, but I was still peeved. Once when I was picking up trash on the side of the highway (it was community service, I was a naughty teenager), I saw the most gigantic dandelions I have ever seen in my life. No joke, the puffs were larger than my fists. It was AWESOME.

  7. Oh my, your little girl is beyond cute!! :)

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