Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Wedding and Honeymoon- Happy Days

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I have been feeling a little stressed lately...

So I'm going to show off one very happy and special event, it'll make me feel much better!

Why have I felt stressed?

Reason #1 My big African Cichlid, Speed Racer, bit my little cichlid (Little Orange)... Little Orange didn't die, but he will. His head is smashed and his jaw is hanging off, ultimately he will starve to death. The poor lil guy is in a quarantine tank for safety till he dies. (Too much info?)

I got rid of Speed Racer today! I will tolerate his violence no longer. Because of this fish we now have only one Cichlid left in the tank. (Bumble Bee) Plus a 10-11 inch Oscar (Grouch) It's an empty looking tank. But I'm sure those two fish are much calmer and happier :)

Reason #2 I was in the middle of making a ruffly diaper cover for my little Shay and my stinkin sewing machine messed up!
Tomorrow it is going to the shop. This is the 2nd time in less than a year!
It's a Brother. This machine is a POS. It's constantly having problems of all kinds.

Who else has a Brother Sewing Machine they don't like?

I have a Singer that I've had for years and not once have I had to take to the shop. I have to keep it nearby to use as a back up.. I shouldn't need a back up Machine.
They say "you get what you pay for." Well, I paid much more for my Brother than I did for my Singer... I guess that saying's not true for me today.

There's a little more going on, but these two reasons were the most stressful to me.
Reading them, it doesn't seem like much, but it sure feels like a lot. lol

~Now for the Happy Stuff~

My Wedding Day and Honeymoon in Kauai!

We had such an amazing day, I still love to daydream about it. If only I could relive it.
Married 6/9/2007
(I goofed and told some people it was our 3rd year anniversary, oops!)
My hubby found that amusing...

Our first dance was just wonderfully romantic. I admit, it was awkward that everyone was watching us... But I tried not to look or think about them :)

Yep, we cut the cake. Such a shame to slice into such a gorgeous thing. And Yes, we did feed each other, we were nice! I warned him not to get me, nor my dress dirty!

(You know how men and cake are)

My adorable daughter, Lilly, was our flower girl. She was pulled in a wagon while she threw rose petals in the isle. She was the most beautiful flower girl... She has been a flower girl in 3 more weddings since!
(4 weddings total- before she was 2 years old!)

The next day we hopped on a plane to Kauai! It was indescribable.. I can only dream that kind of beauty. My dream is to live in a place like Kauai some day. If I get my hubby out of boring WY, that is.

Yup, we have matching outfits. (Lilly has one too!)

Audrey, I have nice nails in this one! See?

We went snorkeling in the cold ocean. It was so much fun! We were inexperienced with the underwater camera, so there weren't a lot of great shots of anything. :(

We floated above a monstrous black eel for several minutes. We were both pointing at it and really confused. We thought it was some kind of ocean growth, not an eel! This eel had to be 15 inches around (ish). He was HUGE. After staring at him for so long we finally noticed his eyes and teeth. (Scary!) Then we both swam to shore in a rush, passing another eel of equal size on the way. I was completely freaked out after that.

How would you feel if you floated 4 feet above an eel for several minutes, not realizing what it was?

EEEK, I know!

This is the view from our condos balcony. I'd love to wake up to this every morning...



  1. Try to destress a little. Love the wedding photos. Sasha my wiener dog thinks you might need a wiener dog instead of carnivorous fish. We promise not to eat the fish unless it is cooked and served to us in our doggy bowls.

  2. Wow. I'm sorry about your fish, poor little guy. The wedding/homeymoon pictures are beautiful!

  3. Awww poor fishy :(

    The pics warm my heart and what a beautiful daughter!!!!!

    Stay chilled x

  4. What a beautiful Bride you were.Great pictures of to me one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  5. Beautiful couple (and daughter) - congrats to you!!!

  6. Gorgeous honeymoon girl!
    wow 4 weddings before 2 years old? nice :D

  7. COngratulations on your wedding. Your photos are fantastic and what an adorable flower girl!

  8. Beautiful wedding pics!! Time flies when your married. I keep thinking we've been married 50 years and it's only been 20!! Finally got to the library to use a computer. Only have 1 hour though! Have a great day!!

  9. awwww poor fishie! i have lots of cichlids at home too....we have 9 tanks now...

    nice wedding pictures! everything looked beautiful!

  10. I'm sorry about your little fish. t's funny how we can get attached to a creature we cannot hold or pet.

    How funny, our anniversary is Sunday (#6) and I thought that I would post wedding pics of us.

    Here's to tomorrow being a better day!

  11. Sorry you were feeling stressed. Hope things are better now!
    My hubby and I honeymooned in Kauai too! It really is the most beautiful place ever. Can't wait to go back someday.