Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boutique clothing and a Giveaway!


It's easy to enter, visit this blog!

Two lucky winners will receive a prize package valued at $75. They will put together a beautiful surprise package for each winner in size specified.

Ends 6/17


This is an outfit I made for Lilly.

We both love it!

The top is a criss-cross back (See?) I put a large pocket on the front, which she uses to stuff small toys in.

The skirt is a very twirly tiered skirt.
Lilly loves to twirl and spin, but she is most impressed with the butterflies!

~I used Butterick Pattern #3832 for the top~

This pattern is simple enough for a beginner, it consists of 3 pattern pieces and comes together very quickly. ...But I do wish it were a longer top....

I plan on making a matching outfit for Shay, of course. But she'll have bloomers instead of a skirt.... BECAUSE GUESS WHAT!?!

Shay started crawling yesterday!

Can you see how excited I am? Hence, the bold and large letters...

She's definitely more work now. We spent the last couple of days baby proofing and cleaning every crevice... Which is one of the reasons why I was slacking on my Blog duties.

This is Cartoon Shay!


  1. Thanks for posting about our giveaway on your blog. Best of luck to you in the drawing! Your little ones are darling!

  2. Adorable outfit. I'm totally dating myself but I'm sure i made an outfit like that for myself in highschool using a butterick pattern.

    Congratulations on now having another moving child in the house too!

  3. so cute, seriously when my niece started crawling I felt like I was putting barricades up everywhere at least you've had practice