Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I am addicted to Yard Sales

Man Without A Country
Edward E. Hale

This book was my favorite yard sale find. It was only .50$! What a steal for an antique book!
This book was given to Charles Good on Sept. 5 1902, exactly 83 years before I was born.
The latest copyright on this book is 1897, almost as old as dinosaurs! haha

I don't know much about books and all the dates printed on the page...

Do you know what all those dates and prints are for?

I've been researching this book to find its worth, it's proving to be a very difficult task.

The prices seem to range from $2.00-$15,000.00! It depends on the year of publication, the cover, and of course the shape the book is in.

But I can't find this particular one. I can't find this book that was published in 1897 with the same cover. In fact the book that was worth $15,000.00 was published up to 10 years after this one.
Could that mean this book is rare or worth more? Or have I just not found it...

This has been a popular read, it's latest publication was 2002 (I believe), there have even been movies made from this book.

Even if it's worth nothing, I'm happy to have it.

I'm absolutely in love with the cover of this book... All the gold, the lady in red, the frame.
It's beautiful.

And it looks spectacular on my shelf, see?


Look what else I got!

The bottle and bear are vintage :)

The aluminum bear is a candy mold, from at least the 70's. I don't plan on using this little guy, he'll sit up on my shelf with the antique book.

Can you guess what I'll be using my new tiny yellow vintage vase for?
Dandelions I'm sure! They just go together, don't you think?

And my piggy butter spreaders, I was told they were vintage, but I don't really know.
I don't care either way. They're just so cute!

Do you love yard sales too?
What kind of things to you look for?


I haven't received the colon cleanse yet, but I promise to post it as soon as it arrives.


  1. Those are some very cool finds! The book cover is quite beautiful!

    I haven't been to many yard sales lately, but when I did them frequenty I looked for antique furniture mainly. I also bought some fun old furniture pieces that I could restore. Anything wood, earthy or natural gets my attention.

  2. I just love old books, the graphics are just wonderful! I am heading to the Nashville Flea Market today on my own search for treasures!

  3. I'm jealous Judy! I absolutely love the Nashville Flea Market, I haven't found one of that size yet. Enjoy!

  4. What a steal! I say that book is probably worth a whole bunch more than what you paid for lol

    that's why i love flea markets!

  5. Oh, I love thrifting! Car boot sales, charity shops, flea markets & antique fairs! I love them all. These are great finds x

  6. What a gem of a find. I love yard sales and garage sales - whatever name you put on them. We are having a huge yard sale on our court tomorrow. We've been pricing for 2 days now. It will be our first time hosting one, I can't wait.

  7. I don't do yard sales. I have so much "crap" in my house already that I really need to get rid of. Hubby always says that if you don't use something for one year - you should get rid of it. My question is: why does that only apply to my stuff? LOL

  8. I am addicted to thrifting also. My most treasured find wasn't an antique, but the complete boxed DVD set of all seasons of Little House On the Prairie TV show. My all time fav. I only paid $15.00 for the whole thing. That is a savings in the hundreds of $. I watch them every day will in my studio ;-)

  9. Both Dave and I love yard sales and flea markets. I don't really look for anything, I wait for it to grab my attention! We have a very large flea market in the next county over that has a very large garage sale area...we never even look at the new stuff!

  10. wow! what great finds!

    i love old books too! i have a few first publications - but those are so rare to find! i also love to find old vintage hats. something very classic about them!

  11. That's a beautiful book. I love looking for picture frames, paint by numbers, vintage children's books or basically anything with vintage patterns or illustrations.

  12. Great finds! I don't "yard sale" as much as I used to. I'm striving to make the most of what I already have (and I should probably have a yard sale!).

  13. Excellent find on the book and the chef spreaders are so cute.

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