Friday, March 20, 2009

Showing of my Fishies

Just a quick post tonight. I need to make some hair flowers :)
These are my fishies! We were cleaning the huge tank..blah.. I hate cleaning the tank, haha. I don't clean it, my husband does! But I give him words of motivation to keep him going! That's enough, right?
Sooo, that big ole fish is Grouch, (which he's so not).. We had another Oscar named Oscar (Oscar and the Grouch), but Oscar was the true Grouch and she was abusive to our sweet sweet Grouch so we through her bum to the curve! Okay, we donated her to Petco, she was about 8 inches at the time and sold for around $50.00.
Grouch is about 10" now, though you can't tell in the photos. Those are his buddies, (African Cichlids) Speed Racer (The blue one), Little Orange, and Bumble Bee.
Speed Racer was actually a yellow fish with a black 'speed stripe' down her side when we got her. Strangely, she turned blue.. But she is one hormonal fish! Mean to core! She's killed some fish and picks on ALL (even big ole Grouch) mercilessly.. It's sad. We'll probably have to get rid of her some day :(
That crazy photo- that's a BIG splash made by Grouch. He soaked EVERYTHING in my sewing room. It was horrible. But we learned that when we are taking him in and out of the water, do it fast! (So he has less time to splash about)
Why am I showing you my fish? Who knows :)
Do you have fish???


  1. they are beautiful! I love cichlids. When we get our out of apartments and into our own house the first major project I want is to put together a big ol' Cichlid tank!

  2. Do we have Fish! We have a 55 gal. tank with several discus, angels, clown loaches and one pleco. Most are 5-6 years old. Hubby's had a tank since he was 8 years old. He actually ran a tropical fish store for a while and his former partner kept the store open for another 35 years. We replace about half the water every ten days or so to avoid mass evacuations like yours. The last time we actually had to move the fish temporarily was to fix a leak about 8 years ago. Each fish has a personality and we thoroughly enjoy watching them.

  3. Ours is also a 55, but we really want to upgrade..
    I would love tropical fish in a salt water tank, but I hear its a lot more work and money.. maybe some day.
    Yeah, we had to scrub all the decorations and the fish bite, lol. Those stinkers.
    I would hate to deal with a leak!
    Fish are great :)

  4. I have fish too! Mine just had babies recently!

  5. I has fishies!!!

    Umm...16 *cringes* male bettas, and two X-Ray Tetras.
    -Hoping to get rid of some of them soon...they are overwhelming and just too much.

    I'd love to have a gorgeous salt-water tank one day, but I think it'd be too much work for me and I'm honestly not sure that I'd be able to maintain the pH levels and whatnot that they'd need.

  6. That's my problem, too much work. I hear they are difficult to keep maintained... Those fish are just too expensive for me to even try with, lol. But maybe someday :)

    I wish mine would have babies! I can definitely tell who the males and females are, but (unless they are eating them) it's just not happening.