Monday, March 30, 2009

Etsian Artist~ LoveandLust


My name is 'LillyShayStyle' and I am a jewelry addict.
I am consumed with jewelry! I search quite often for exquisite pieces to add to my ever growing collection. And there are many talented creators out 'there'. But, LoveandLust has been one of the most unique shops that I've found, so far! Her classy jewelry is alluring and extraordinary, definitely OOAK!

This is the set I bought for myself!

I can't go anywhere without being stopped. I swear, I need my own 'LoveandLust' business cards to hand out!

When you shop at LoveandLust mention my name and receive 10% off your purchase!

I'm 25 and live in Florida with my boyfriend (NightmareAnthology) and our one kitty (in our hearts we still have two - we just put one down last weekend). I'm currently finishing up my Masters degree in general psychology and spend most of my time on campus either scrambling to get my thesis done on time or teaching undergraduate psychology courses.

I started making jewelry a few months ago (yes, it's only been months!) because I couldn't find anything in 'my style' in town. I have always wanted to make jewelry but never had the first clue how.
Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of charms, beads and other things that caught my eye in craft stores but I had no idea how to use them! One day something in me just clicked and everything made sense! I literally have not stopped since that moment. I'm addicted!

I'm inspired by so many things on a daily basis. My cat passing has inspired me to create a beautiful piece in his memory, the ocean near my home has found it's way into some of my pieces, but mostly, it's the beautiful women that I see walking around town that truly inspire me. When I see a drop dead, confident, classic woman walk past I just stare in envy and run straight home to try and create something I could envision her wearing. It's not as crazy as it sounds, I promise!

I started selling first on my boyfriends shop mostly as a way to fund my supplies addiction! My pieces were well received so I finally broke down and started my own shop, LoveandLust.

My very favorite piece at the moment has to be the Wild Nights Cameo Necklace. I think it's the sexiest and most unique piece I've created to date and it truly illustrates both the love, and lust-worthy, sides of my style!


  1. LoveandLust does have amazing jewelry! :)

  2. Thank you so much for this feature! When I finally get business cards made up I'll send some your way ;)

  3. You're welcome, and I would LOVE the business cards for your shop! :)