Thursday, March 12, 2009

Male Etsian Artist~ BoshDesigns

I had to choose 3 designs from this artist because I couldn't just choose 2, he has 'hand drawn wearable art'. Very original, and I just love the idea of wearing something that a person put this much thought and creativity into. Creativity, completely from scratch. I love all these picks that I am showing, but the graffiti name is..awesome! I imagine a teenage boy in baggy pants and a back pack over one shoulder when I look at this. Don't know why it's that particular image, lol.
I haven't run this by the artist, but wouldn't it be wonderful to make a unique necklace using a drawing that your child made for you? I know I'd wear it everyday! ~Something to think about for Mothers/Fathers Day.. hmmm..
He does accept custom orders after all.


  • How and when did you discover your talent?I've always been arty since i was about four or five years old and as far back as i can remember i really wanted to be an artist when i grew up. I studied art in school then went on to college to further study art. In my infinite youth wisdom i decide NOT to go away to university and that i would be better off staying local so i could still see my friends then i got stuck in the nine to five job cycle in my late teens and i really didn't do much art after that for about seven years.
  • What or Who do you think is the most important influence in your work?Well that's got to be my beautiful wife, Belinda. It was because of her that i got back into art about three years ago and started drawing and painting again. Belinda got me hooked on Etsy a few weeks ago after months of trying to convince me (nagging! lol) that people would want to see or even buy my work. The jewellery was just an interesting angle we came up with together.
  • Does any of your art have a deeper meaning? Erm... I'd love to say yes but most of my designs are just ideas that pop into my head in the most random of places and situations. I'm still getting used to designing and making jewellery so I'm sure that as my style evolves my pieces will become more meaningful and special to me and hopefully to anyone who buys them.
  • What is your favorite piece and why?I think all my pieces are fun but if i had to choose a fave it would probably be this one .
  • What does your art say to you and how do you hope it is interpreted by others?Fun, Fun, Fun! I just want people to see my work as fun. If my work can make someone smile then that will do for me.
  • Have you found any pros or cons to being a male artist? Or does it even matter?As a new shop i haven't really noticed.
  • What do you do to promote yourself?I have a blog and i tweet on twitter and my wife has just introduced me to Etsy chat and forums.
  • Is there anything you would like to add?Yes, just a big thank you for this opportunity to tell you about me and thanks to anyone who's looked at my shop.Lee