Thursday, March 19, 2009

Male Etsian Artist~ phillipesarts

I love love love this art! It's so imaginative and unique :) I'm really amazed by the trees, I like trees. My favorite has got to be Trail of Love.
"Here you will find unique Prints and Originals of Spooky Dark Paths, Fairytale like Lands, wicked witches, creepy cottages, mystical fairy like trolls, and lots of magical Trees. It’s a long way from home!"
Phillipe is a Featured Award Winning and Published Artist!
His art is available in poster prints, greeting cards, postcards, magnets, mouse pads, postage stamps, stickers, mugs, and shoes. All collectables can be found Here.

  • What or Who do you think is the most important influence in your work? I think painting in it’s self is really my only true influence! I can be totally in the dumps and have zero inspiration. But as soon as I put paint to a canvas, and start mixing some random colors together I begin to see shadows form and take shape. Just then I’ll become inspired to finish that shape that magically paired. Before I know it, I’ll have a completed painting with no thought to it at all. Painting in it’s self amazes, excites, and inspires me every signal day.

  • Does any of your art have a deeper meaning? Nope! I wish that I could say that my art is an expressions of my inner feelings or images of life experiences. But I can’t, I believe that my paintings are a refection of what I don’t have and want. I see most of my paintings as peace found in those dark areas that most are to scared to embrace. The feeling of content while being completely and totally along in a land that you know nothing about. The thought of feeling safe no matter what goes on around you. Like a child with that great sense of innocence. Not yet able to know or understand fear. Sort of like a fairytale.

  • What is your favorite piece and why? “Behind Locked Doors” I love this piece for several reasons. One, it’s my very first door knob. Two, it feels like a beginning or an end to an amazing tale. What’s behind that locked door? What will happen if I open it, or let alone even try to! It’s cute, innocence, unsettling and tells a story. That’s pretty much what my art is all about.

  • Where do you feel your art and yourself are going? As of right now, 4 different children’s books. I cant get too deep on the topic, however I will keep clients updated via myspace blog.
  • What does your art say to you and how do you hope it is interpreted by others? I would hope that it brings out the inner child in all of us. To feel that childhood adventurous feeling again. Have you found any pros or cons to being a male artist? Cons? No! pros, well I get to count this interview as a pro, so yes there are pros! I think all artists and artisans are in the same boat. We are all trying our best to make it, while utilizing the gift that god gave us. There is truly no better life then knowing your talent, and getting to share it to all you know and love.

  • Do you feel that you should be promoted on Etsy for being male? No thanks, I want people to buy my art because they love it! Because they can relate to it on some personal level. Not because I’m some sex symbol. “You better hide ladys! I have read those etsy forums, and I know exactly who’s saying what! LOL :-) xoxo

  • What do you do to promote yourself? Blogs:-) and spread myself incredibly thin. I’m all over the place :-(

  • Is there anything you would like to add?Yes, I work full time as an artist, and I would love to do so for the rest of my life.It takes people like yourself to help make dreams become a reality. Please support your local artists and artisans, with just a few extra dollars you can tell yourself, what I have is an original! One of a kind! Handmade treasure, that was made with love, energy, imagination, and time. Not only are you reviving a treasure that can not be replaced. You are also helping to support living artists, artists that utilize there strongest talent. Just to decorate your life!

  • Thanks for your support!Philippe Fernandez Fairytale Artist


  1. Nice interview, and his artwork is amazing. I write fantasy, so I always love such creations. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. Wow! I was beginning to think male Etsians were fairy tales but this man is fabulous! Wonderful interview... I am going to re-read it now :)


  3. Love the fantasy aspects to his art and the lovely colors he uses, too. I'll definitely be watching him on Etsy now!:)

    Great interview!!:D

  4. Thanks everyone, he is very talented!