Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Male Etsian Artist~ jeremisavoie

I first studied biotechnology but soon realized that I was more attracted to arts than science. So I took a course in cinematography and at the same time, discovered new passions with photography and writing. I enjoy watching international films and have a strong interest in any forms of art, from performance to sculpture, which gives me a better “eye” for future projects.

These other forms of art probably increased my will to give a deeper meaning to my photography and not just to take “good photographies”, rather to induce a feeling or emotion in the viewer.

For example, in “Concrete of Sky” (which may not be the most popular because it’s quite dark), the white dots are meant to evoke that, although humans keep destroying nature, it always finds a way through. While I was walking in the city lanes, I looked closely at this concrete wall painted all over with old graffiti, which made me think about stars in the sky. “Waterfall” and “Almost gone” evoke that, if we keep destroying nature, our human structures will also be altered in the process. My favourite is always the latest picture I list so currently it is Lucky Charm!
The less I work (and the more time I spend outdoor just walking in the city lanes or in nature), the more creative I can be. It might be because I work in a fast food restaurant but I have never enjoyed working on a precise schedule, so 8 to 5 / Monday to Friday could probably kill me!
Music, playing guitar or even doing the dishes gives me inspiration. Finding objects on the road when the snow is melting or observing everybody is a playground for me. My interest in people is the main reason why I have kept my current job.
My favourite subjects are places and objects that reflect the passage of time, or even decay, and induce a reflection on human action and its consequences on environment. I also love to find lost or forgotten objects and to photograph them in order to express the hypothetical feelings and emotions of their owners. I do hope to touch other people or to make them think about themselves . “Autism”, “Burned” or “Workaholic” are probably the ones that most people can recognize themselves in. Social alienation, violence and isolation are recurring themes in people lives.
I’m always flattered when people tell me about their visceral reaction to one of them. I really hope that I’ll find more galleries to exhibit my work.
My dream life would be making art from home (countryside home) and working on the house as well as on my farmhouse with some lama, while my girlfriend would be making hand knitted organic teddy bears! A scary dog would protect our house and in winter he would pull a sleigh for our three children Lily, ZoƩ and Charlie. Our house would be warm, cozy and full of plants with plenty of art projects in progress (i.e. just like our current apartment!).
I don’t think that there is anything different in “art business” between sexes. My girlfriend and I are trying to live from “art” and I’m sure that viewers are more interested by our creations themselves than the one that made it.
We do promote a little on Etsy trough treasuries and on the forums but the rest of the time we prefer to spend our precious hours creating and going on outdoor adventures!

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