Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Fun Fun Snow Day with my Girl!

Fun Snow Days

We had about 16ish" today! I love snow (when we can play in it)

The weather wasn't bad either, it was the best snow fall of this year! I'd say it was in the high 30's (which isn't TOO cold in WY) Soo, I took Lilly sledding! It was a blast! The snow was so deep for her, it was really cute. You can't tell how deep the snow is here, she's light enough to lie on top of it... In the last photo you can see my snow ball bust on Lilly's back, haha!

We sledded down a huge hill, she didn't like that the snow got in her face :(
So we decided to throw snowballs at each other and make snow angles. She loves snow angles. We made a tiny snow man too!

Sadly, my hubby didn't take photos of us on the sled or the snowman.
And these are LONG ice cicles that were hanging outside my window, beautiful! They were probably around 2 feet long.

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  1. Oh! You look like you both had a wonderful time! Cherish all those precious moments!!